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Political polls: Meloni and M5s do badly, Calenda and Verdi-Left are growing

The latest SWG political survey, announced on 16 October by Enrico Mentana's La7 news program, was released a few hours after the approval by the Council of Ministers of the 2024 budget law which will now begin its parliamentary process.
According to the survey, all the first four parties in the country would be in decline, with the most evident fall being that of the 5 Star Movement which does not seem to be able to break away from the percentages obtained in the last political elections.
A step backwards also for the Brothers of Italy who are apparently moving further and further away from the 30% threshold: Giorgia Meloni, however, can continue to sleep relatively peacefully in view of the European elections at the beginning of June.
Instead, the alarm bells are starting to add up within the Democratic Party, with Elly Schlein who in the poll would not be able to take advantage of Giorgia Meloni's not particularly brilliant moment.
Slight decline for the League, which returned to being indicated above 10% in last week's survey, all while Matteo Salvini began his long electoral tour with the scalp of the financing of the bridge over the Strait of Messina in his hands.
read also Budget Law 2024 approved, draft text with all the new features of the maneuver Political polls: Calenda and Greens-Left good In the latest political poll by Swg, Carlo Calenda would have the best result compared to seven days ago: Action now would be for a whisker beyond the 4% threshold in force for the European elections.
The bar, however, would not be exceeded by the Green-Left Alliance, but the duo could hope given the step forward attested by the survey: the feeling is that the outbreak of the war in Israel has favored Avs over the Democratic Party.
A positive sign also for +Europa which should appear on the list together with Action at the European elections just as Noi Moderati, like the UDC, would be in agreement with Forza Italia to join forces.
As a result, Matteo Renzi would have remained alone, a sure candidate for the European elections even if Italia Viva at the moment would be far from the threshold for the poll: the Il Centro list in this state of affairs would only be made up of IVs.
Finally, the percentage of Italians who at the moment do not express their voting intentions would decrease by one point: this enormous cauldron made up of 40% of voters would always remain the main basin from which to draw votes but, for this political class, it will not be It's easy to convince the disillusioned electorate to go to the polls

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