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Political polls, Pd and Salvini crisis: Meloni and M5s declining, Renzi and Forza Italia doing well

The latest SWG survey, announced on 13 November by Enrico Mentana's La7 news program, arrived at a time when the government, while the 2024 budget law arrived in the chamber, presented the constitutional reform of the premiership and the agreement on migrants with Albania has been announced.
Strangely enough, the poll would see all the main parties in decline with Fratelli d'Italia appearing to be able to limit the negative sign to a minimum: one of Giorgia Meloni's strengths would be precisely that of drawing – or losing slightly – when she fails to win.
This is a peculiarity of Giorgia Meloni which is suitable for great poker players, while Matteo Salvini, still remaining on the poker theme, would be ready to go all in in the next European elections: despite the minister's activism, the League would be clearly declining in its intentions to rating compared to last week.
The survey, on the other hand, smiles on Forza Italia which appears to be recovering after an unhappy period: at the European elections the Azzurri should in any case appear on the list together with UDC and Noi Moderati with the aim of reaching double figures.
Overall, the center-right would be in slight decline according to the percentages revealed by the survey, a more than acceptable result for the coalition given the budget law which will be characterized by savings.
read also European elections 2024, when do you vote in Italy? Date, electoral law and polls Political polls: Renzi good, Pd and M5s declining The Swg political poll also "punishes" the main opposition political forces, starting with the Democratic Party which, despite the well-attended demonstration on Saturday in Rome, would once again be in decline.
There would also be a step backwards for the 5 Star Movement, with the Giallorossi not being able to take advantage of the difficulties of the government and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
All the other parties in the poll would be below the threshold of 4% in force for the European elections, a mockery for Action which would be just a hair's breadth below the fateful bar: Carlo Calenda, however, could do it if he manages to find an agreement with +Europe for a united race.
A step forward instead for Matteo Renzi who, alone given that his list for the European elections The Center has so far only received the support of Italia Viva, is slowly approaching the threshold.
Despite the positive sign, at the moment 4% does not seem to be within the reach of Per l'Italia con Paragone but, between now and next June 9th, everything can change with the outcome of the polls which could give us several surprises.

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