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Is Antonio Gramsci an ancestor of Giorgia Meloni? Let's clarify

Put on one side the founder of the PCI in Italy Antonio Gramsci and on the other the current leader of the most important center-right party and current Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.
You imagine a distance of light years, like black and white, you would never think that there is something that could connect them.
And instead it seems there is a very distant, albeit acquired, relationship between Antonio Gramsci and Giorgia Meloni.
Journalist Alessio Vernetti of You Trend, a genealogy enthusiast, revealed this curious information.
An intertwining of ancestors that starts from Ghilarza, a Sardinian village, where the lives of the ancestors of Gramsci, Meloni and also of Enrico and Gianni Letta were intertwined.
Here's what he discovered.
Gramsci-Meloni united by a family relationship Alessio Vernetti, after having carried out some research on family trees, launched a thread on , that is, the grandmother of one of his great-grandmothers.
His research started with Nino Meloni, the Prime Minister's paternal grandfather, who was born and raised in Ghilarza, a town in Sardinia where the young Gramsci also grew up.
But that is not all.
Research has shown that Gramsci and Meloni in turn are very distantly related to the former secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and his uncle Gianni.
A highly original plot which therefore unites in a single lineage the founder of the Italian Communist Party, the first female Prime Minister, a centre-right political force, the first Prime Minister of the Italian PD force as well as Berlusconi's former right-hand man.
In practice, a political history made up of adversaries united by family ties.
It must be specified, however, that the ties are tenuous and very distant between families whose bond between Gramsci and Meloni is in any case acquired and not by blood.
Of course the data is certainly very curious but it is a truth that takes its time.
Who knows if the Prime Minister was already aware of this news.
And who knows, after knowing this, how the relationship with the left will change, a left founded in our country by one of his ancestor.
Obviously nothing will change, we're joking.
Meanwhile, he will have the opportunity to talk about his link with the left next December 15th when an exhibition on Enrico Berlinguer, former secretary of the PCI, also Sardinian, will be inaugurated at the former Testaccio slaughterhouse, in view of the fortieth anniversary of disappearance.
The event is financed by the Mission Structure Anniversaries of the Presidency of the Council.
It is very likely that the Berlinguer Association and the Municipality of Rome will invite the Prime Minister in addition to the head of state.
What will Giorgia Meloni do, will she go on a visit? What a good opportunity to talk about Gramsci.
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