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Political polls: Pd and Calenda are bad, Salvini, M5s and Forza Italia are growing

The latest political survey by SWG, announced on 20 November by Enrico Mentana's La7 news program, arrived at a very particular moment for our local politics, with the debate focusing on gender violence following the death of the young woman Giulia Cecchettin, with an open letter from her sister Elena which has reignited the discussion on patriarchy.
The other news of the week was the CGIL and UIL strike ordered by Matteo Salvini, with the minister's hard fist which would seem to have benefited the League which would be on the rise and now closer to the double digit objective.
On the contrary, the crisis of the Democratic Party would seem to continue, with figures declining again and increasingly distant from the Brothers of Italy despite the decline indicated for Giorgia Meloni's party.
In fact, the prime minister has been stable in the polls for some time at around 29%, a more than flattering percentage and higher than what the Brothers of Italy obtained in the last political elections.
Good news from the survey also for Forza Italia which, despite the loss of its leader and founder Silvio Berlusconi, seems to be able to stay afloat while still remaining numerically indispensable in order to guarantee an electoral victory for the centre-right.
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In view of the European elections in June where the threshold will be 4% – without the parties being able to unite in coalitions but only in unitary lists -, the new step backwards by the Green-Left Alliance would seem to distance the objective for the Bonelli duo – Fratoianni.
Another tandem, the one formed by Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, recently separated in the Senate while in the Chamber, at the moment, the Italia Viva-Azione parliamentary group is resisting while waiting for an agreement on the split also at Palazzo Madama.
The survey would see Azione decreasing but not far from the 4% bar, with Calenda which at this point would absolutely need an agreement with +Europa which, probably thanks to the battle it is carrying out against the law that prohibits the production in Italy and the sale of so-called "synthetic meat" would be growing strongly.
Matteo Renzi, however, recently made an agreement with Clemente Mastella for the European elections: despite the agreement and Italy's good momentum in the polls, the goal for the former prime minister is still far away.
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