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Political Polls: Meloni and M5s on the Decline, Pd Surges, Salvini and Renzi Hold Strong

Political Polls Analysis for the upcoming European Elections

According to the latest super-average analysis conducted by YouTrend on May 9th, the situation of political parties leading up to the June European elections seems to still be up in the air.
The polls can be metaphorically compared to a football championship, with the left “top teams” aiming to exceed double digits, while the right-wing parties are focusing on overcoming the 4% threshold.

One notable trend is the recent drop in support for Fratelli d’Italia, where Giorgia Meloni’s candidacy appears to have not yet impacted the voter intentions as desired.
Conversely, the Democratic Party is experiencing a significant surge in the polls, narrowing the gap between Elly Schlein and Giorgia Meloni.
A televised debate between the two leaders is scheduled for the end of the month.

On the other hand, the Five Star Movement is facing a decline, possibly due to expected high absenteeism.
Within the center-right internal struggle, the combination of Forza Italia and Noi Moderati is slightly ahead of the League.
Despite this, Matteo Salvini might find hope in the positive trend in the polls, as his political future heavily relies on the upcoming elections and the choice of General Roberto Vannacci.

The overall trends in the political polls do not foresee significant changes for parties hovering around the 4% threshold.
Matteo Renzi’s decision to establish the “Stati Uniti d’Europa” list seems to have been a wise move.
Although the collaboration between Italia Viva and +Europa hasn’t excited voters, as explained by Emma Bonino, it serves a specific purpose: to unite forces to surpass the 4% barrier before going separate ways.

Carlo Calenda, on the other hand, is at risk of falling short; with Azione alone, the party is just below the crucial mark.
Currently, Alleanza Verdi-Sinistra seems to be benefiting from a slight edge.
The Green-Red alliance appears stronger than the competitors, such as Peace Land Dignity, the pacifist list by Michele Santoro.
Due to a missing stamp, it was excluded from the most populous North-West constituency.
Unless a successful appeal is made to the Administrative Court, achieving the threshold seems as challenging as it is for the Libertà party.

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