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Political polls, Forza Italia surpasses Salvini: Meloni, Renzi and M5s do badly, the Democratic Party flies

The latest political survey by Tecnè, carried out on behalf of the program È semper Cartabianca on 4 January, compared what would be the voting intentions at the beginning of 2024 with those estimated a year ago shortly after celebrating the advent of 2023.
By detachment, the Brothers of Italy would still be the first party in the country, but Giorgia Meloni would have lost over two percentage points in the poll in the last year.
Does this mean that the honeymoon between the prime minister and the Italians is over? Absolutely not, but more than one alarm bell will certainly have been raised at Palazzo Chigi, especially in view of the European elections in June.
The gap between the Democratic Party and the Brothers of Italy would thus have decreased: despite the real leap of the dems, Giorgia Meloni would still have an almost ten point advantage over Elly Schlein, with the two leaders who could soon challenge each other in a televised confrontation.
The survey indicates a decline in the 5 Star Movement, which however would be able to confirm itself beyond the percentage obtained in the last political elections, making itself indispensable to the Democratic Party for the formation of an alternative coalition to that of the centre-right.
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In fact, according to the poll, the League would have lost further ground in the last year, also being overtaken by a Forza Italia which is clearly growing despite the death last June of its leader and founder Silvio Berlusconi.
Remaining among the moderates, both Action and Italia Viva would currently be below the threshold of 4% in the European elections, with Matteo Renzi having recorded a sharp step back in voting intentions.
The Greens-Left Alliance is growing but still below the threshold, while it is interesting to see how the number of undecideds and abstentions would be increasing according to the survey: if voting was held today, almost one in two Italians would not express a preference.

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