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Political polls, Meloni collapses: Renzi and M5s do badly, Salvini and Pd fly

Quorum's latest political poll, carried out on behalf of Sky Tg24 and released on 16 October, arrived the day after the presentation of the 2024 budget law which, given the blocking of amendments decided by Giorgia Meloni, should not undergo major changes during the parliamentary process which will soon begin.
Party 16 October Change 18 September Brothers of Italy 29.6 -1.1 Democratic Party 19.7 +0.4 5 Star Movement 14.9 -0.5 League 9.3 +0.9 Forza Italia 6.3 +0 ,2 Green-Left Alliance 3.7 -0.7 Action 3.6 -0.3 Italia Viva 2.7 -0.7 +Europe 2.2 +0.2 For Italy 2.2 +0.4 We Moderates 0.9 = Other party 4.9 +1.2 Undecided + Abstentions 42.2 -0.2 The first figure that catches the eye in the survey is the collapse of Giorgia Meloni, with Fratelli d'Italia who compared to the the same survey conducted last September 18 would have lost over a percentage point in voting intentions.
The centre-right, however, has this strength: the votes would seem to always remain within the coalition, given that the clear decline of FdI corresponds exactly to the growth seen in Lega and Forza Italia.
In essence, for the survey, Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani would be the ones who stole votes from Giorgia Meloni, with the governing coalition also considering Us Moderates also remaining at 46.1%, a percentage that would guarantee broad electoral success in the event of elections.
read also European elections 2024, when do you vote in Italy? Date, electoral law and polls Political polls: PD doing well, Renzi and M5s in crisis If the centre-right as a whole would be stable according to Quorum's latest political poll, the opposition would instead be generally declining even if the Democratic Party, after a dark period , now it seems to have started to grow again.
On the other hand, the 5 Star Movement did badly, having now fallen below the psychological bar of 15%; among the parties poised on the threshold which will be 4% in the European elections, a sharp step backwards for the Green-Left Alliance.
According to the survey, Action would also be below the threshold at the very moment in which the separation between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi is also being sanctioned in Parliament.
Even Renzi, however, would have little to remain calm about, given that the survey indicates Italia Viva is in sharp decline and far from the fateful bar.
As for possible alliances at the European elections, it now seems obvious that +Europa may ultimately decide to team up with Calenda while the rest of the centrists should go with Forza Italia.
Despite the step forward, the threshold would appear to be far away also for For Italy with Comparison, while the total count of all the minor parties that were not taken into consideration individually by the survey would be growing.

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