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Russia-China, gas strengthens the axis and Gazprom celebrates

Russia and China consolidate their economic alliance thanks to increasingly flourishing gas trade.
In detail, Moscow-controlled Gazprom said its natural gas supplies to the dragon had reached a new all-time high amid rising demand.
The Kremlin multinational believes that flows from its pipelines to the Asian nation are now starting to approach the levels of historic shipments to Western Europe.
The latter collapsed when European countries abandoned Moscow as a supplier after Ukraine's aggression to diversify their energy imports.
In a context in which there is a return to fear of the division of the world into two blocs and the fragmentation of trade relations, the increasingly close proximity between China and Russia – the primary enemies of the USA and the West in general – alarms and arouses interest.
Russia-China: Gas trade is booming The Chinese National Petroleum Corp.
requested gas volumes via the Power of Siberia 1 route that once again exceeded Gazprom's contractual obligations on Nov.
23, the producer reported Russian in a report by the state press Tass.
“Gazprom supplied all the required volumes and set a new record for daily gas supplies to China,” he said.
Gazprom and CNPC last month signed an addendum to their contract on gas supplies through Power of Siberia 1 that provided for additional deliveries until 2023, without providing further details.
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And the US is watching Russia aims to export 30 billion cubic meters of gas to China next year and increase flows to 38 billion cubic meters per year.
Separate shipments via a future Far Eastern route are expected to reach another 10 billion cubic meters per year.
Gazprom is also in talks to supply up to 50 billion cubic meters per year through the future Power of Siberia 2 link, but the contract has not been signed.
If raw materials, especially energy ones, have always been powerful tools for strategic alliances, not just economic ones, the bond between China and Russia in the name of gas could translate into an increasingly consolidated and influential alliance between the two powers in the coming years.

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