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What to teach without a degree

It is possible to teach without a degree.
Aspiring teachers who are still struggling with the 60 CFU training courses may not know that they could already start teaching in some classes, even if they have not yet obtained their degree.
This is possible only through the Mad, i.e.
the application for Making Available, i.e.
– as the term itself suggests – the application that anyone, in possession of the qualifications required for a specific competition class or for support, can make at all the schools in Italy.
With this question, the aspiring teachers, despite never having received a substitute assignment, make themselves available to the school to fill a gap in the staff.
But how does it work and what can be taught without a degree? Here's everything you need to know about what can be taught with Mad and how to do it.
read also Pnrr school competition, announcement coming soon: how will the oral test take place? How to teach without a degree? The only way to be able to teach in a school without having obtained a degree is through the Mad, i.e.
making it available, which can be sent by any aspiring teacher or support teacher (the Mad is also available for ATA staff).
Although November is coming to an end, it can still happen that schools need a short substitution due to the sudden absence of a teacher.
After the nominations from the provincial rankings for substitutes have been exhausted and the institute rankings have also been exhausted, school directors can then draw on the Mad.
Precisely for this reason the use of Mad is increasingly frequent, as it allows aspiring teachers, who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a competition, to be able to accumulate scores.
The Making Available request can be sent by any person.
Although it is preferable to have a Master's degree which allows direct access to a competition class, it is possible to apply through Mad, even if you only have a three-year degree or a high school diploma.
There are possibilities of being called up, it depends a lot on the institutions where you have submitted your application, but in general we can say that there will always be a need for last minute substitutes.
What to teach without a degree If it is true that there is the possibility of teaching without a degree, we must first understand what can be taught without a degree.
In fact, you need to know that there are different possibilities based on the type of diploma you have.
ITP diploma (technical-professional).
This diploma gives direct access to some Competition Classes: those ranging from B01 to B32.
With the ITP Diploma it will be possible to teach your subject in secondary schools.
In this case it is a good idea to send a classic Mad because you will be able to teach your subject without problems.
High school diploma.
Also in this case it is possible to send your own Mad, trying a Classical both in secondary schools of the first and second level and in primary schools, although there are experts who recommend sending a Mad support to have more opportunities.
read also Update of GPS 2024 substitute rankings, ministry-union meeting: what they said Teaching without a degree: how do you create a Mad? The application to teach without a degree through Mad in 2023 must be sent to only one province in Italy without being registered in any ranking for substitutes, but in all schools therein.
Once the schools to which you wish to send the Mad have been identified, aspiring teachers will be able to proceed with sending the application by choosing one of the two following options: send Mad independently, browsing the institutional website of the individual school and identifying the section dedicated to sending of Mad; send Mad automatically by relying on paid platforms for mass sending of applications to different institutions.
If it is your first time looking at the world of school, the best way to present a Mad could be to do so through a specialized platform, as a Mad specialist will be able to check, contact the customer and give valuable advice for your future.
Once the Mad has been sent, all that remains is to wait for the phone to ring to communicate when and where a substitution will be held.

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