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Gas bills, for these families increases up to 177 euros

With the end of the greater protection market, gas bills will increase by up to 177 euros.
In fact, non-vulnerable domestic customers have been assigned a new tariff or have signed up for it, which however risks worsening family expenses.
This is reported on the Energy Authority website, which outlines the two tariffs for those who have not signed up for one on the free market: the placet offer and placet in derogation.
Analyzing the offers of the free market and the transition to placet and placet tariffs in derogation, we highlight surcharges that can reach, for some families, up to 177 euros more on the gas bill.
The attention required from gas service customers is high, because it involves checking and comparing the offers, but above all not giving in to the "placet" offer which risks offering higher prices.
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If a supplier is not chosen, the contract will be moved to another wording.
In addition to the obvious increase that follows, surcharges are also expected in other contexts for 2024.
In fact, on the energy front, the ordinary rate has returned.
For consumption up to 480 cubic meters the VAT increases again from 5% to 10%; while for consumption exceeding 480 cubic metres, VAT is set at 22%.
The other system charges have also returned to full price and further weigh on the final cost of the bill.
Furthermore, these increases concern all customers regardless of the offer subscribed to.
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Those who do not make a choice will move on to “placement in derogation”, which has economic conditions defined by the Authority, but with a fixed annual component defined by the seller.
On the Offer Portal, by comparing the "placet rates", i.e.
an offer with economic conditions decided by the seller for both the fixed component and the variable component, and "placet in derogation", it turns out that the former are worse than the latter.
Behind the placet tariff lies what could be defined as a "cartel strategy", which according to some experts could interest the Antitrust.
Therefore, be careful when comparing offers and in particular between "placet offers" and "placet in derogation".
In fact, on average, placet offers are 6% to 42% more expensive than placet offers in derogation and offers proposed by the same seller.
In some cases, if the 2024 increases defined by the return to the full price of VAT are added, some families will find themselves paying up to 177 euros more.
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Here's how to find them How to find the best offers and limit increases Through the Offer Portal (reachable at you can enter the type of offer you are looking for and the municipality or postal code of residence to start the search.
In the case of the example, "gas" and the Municipality of Rome, "house" and the offers to be displayed were "fixed price" or "variable price".
The portal will also ask for characteristics to find the best offer, i.e.
the use of gas for cooking food, production of hot and domestic water and heating (one, two or all three possibilities can be selected).
You will be asked for the class of the meter and if you know the annual consumption.
In case it is not known, some questions will be asked to draw up a more or less plausible report, i.e.
for how many months of the year the supply will be used, how many people live in the house and how large is the surface area of the house.
Once the OK has been given for the search, the Offer Portal will show a series of tariffs, in the case of the example 458 tariffs which can be sorted by annual expenditure and retailer.

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