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When they black out the Rai channels

The definitive switch off which will complete the migration towards the new digital terrestrial DVB T2 is now nearing completion.
Activation for Rai channels is also now coming to an end, albeit with some resistance among management and viewers.
When do Rai channels go dark? The managers of public television have tried to postpone the switch off for as long as possible, but after so many years the time has now come.
Starting from January, some of the most followed Rai channels, such as the generalist ones, will undergo the transition to DVB T2.
However, the transition is not foreseen for all Rai channels, of which a part and a specific mode will remain accessible, i.e.
tunable, even for older equipment.
The definitive switch off of all Italian television channels therefore continues to be delayed, but the date is approaching and it is time to catch up with the necessary technology.
To do this, all you need to do is own a television dated 2016 onwards, or an enabled decoder to add to your television prior to 2016.
read also Rai license fee exemption, the deadline to request it for the whole of 2024 arrives Rai channels in DVB T2: the migration There is the date: from 10 January 2024 some of the Rai channels moved to Dbv T2.
It is possible that many of the families have not even noticed the change, because they have an adequate television or a decoder capable of tuning into the new frequencies.
For all those who do not have the appropriate equipment, which according to Auditel-Censis data are 8.4 million families, it is possible to continue to watch the Rai.q channels.
This is because a soft transition was chosen, which leaves some of the channels unchanged not in HD.
Which Rai channels are switching to DVB T2 and which will be blacked out It is therefore possible to establish with certainty which Rai channels have been blacked out since 10 January and which ones can still be viewed even with technology that is not suitable for the switch to DVB T2.
Specifically, the channels that switch to DVB T2 are: Rai 1 HD Rai 2 HD Rai 3 HD Rai 4 Rai 5 Rai Scuola Rai Premium HD Rai Gulp HD Rai Yoyo HD Rai Storia HD While the Rai channels still available and which can be tuned in DVB T on old equipment are: Rai 1 Rai 2 Rai 3 read also New switch off 2024, old TVs at risk.
Here's when all the channels will be blacked out News coming (or maybe not): what's changing in Rai The Minister of Business and Made in Italy explained that among the objectives for the new Rai there is an updating process which "wants to give a new centrality to public television as a national medium audiovisual system".
News that Rai managers, however, seem to want to slow down.
The risk is a decline in the public.
Among the new features is the transition to DVB T2.
After all, as sector newspapers remind us, 2024 will be a year full of sporting events and Rai has invested heavily to ensure their broadcast.
Although these events will be available in 4K, there are still many families who do not receive DVB T2.
For this reason, many Italians could find themselves with their channels blocked and therefore unable to follow national football matches or the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
An acceleration of the transition (when channels are switched off) will therefore be inevitable, but the process is struggling to take place at the right pace.

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