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Bastian Muller Pettenpohl, who he is, how much he earns and assets of the entrepreneur engaged to Ilary Blasi

The story of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi has held sway for a long time in the world of local gossip.
There was nothing to suggest that one of the most famous and seemingly in love couples could break up after almost 20 years of marriage and 3 children.
That separation gave rise to a long legal battle involving mutual accusations and spite, such as the famous story of the missing Rolexes or the hidden bags.
For Ilary the period was very prosperous from a professional point of view.
Having set aside television for a moment, Ilary has now returned to her marriage with the former Roma captain, revealing anecdotes about the reasons for the breakup.
First a documentary aired on Netflix called "Unica" which was among the most viewed on the platform in Italy for several days.
Now the publication of a book entitled «What a fool» where he tells anecdotes about the breakup with Francesco Totti.
Even from a sentimental point of view we can say that things are going in the right direction.
After saying goodbye to Totti (who has been engaged for months now, even publicly to Noemi Bocchi, ed.), Ilary is living her love story with Bastian Muller, a German entrepreneur unknown in Italy before the gossip between her and Blasi.
Let's get to know Bastian better: here's who he is and how much he earns.
Who is Bastian Muller Pettenpohl Having suddenly become a figure of great resonance in Italy thanks to his engagement with Ilary Blasi, Bastian is a 36-year-old German entrepreneur who has held the position of manager of the Pettenphol family company since 2018.
Founded way back in 1874 and based in Wachtersbach, located 50 kilometers from Frankfurt, Pettenphol represents a family business in which Bastian has been involved since 2006.
Its importance was further consolidated in 2018, when he joined the board of directors, taking on a key role as a representative of the company in front of stakeholders.
His main responsibilities include risk and cost analysis, playing a role of primary importance in the organization.
Pettenphol operates both in Germany and globally, focusing on the drilling of wells for the supply of drinking, industrial and mineral water, as well as for water drainage.
The range of services offered also includes drilling up to 1,000 meters deep.
The company is family-run and would have a turnover of around 2 million euros per year with 15 employees.
As revealed by the weekly Oggi, the mayor of the city where the Pettenpohl family lives revealed however that the family's coat of arms has now remained but on an economic level it is no longer what it once was.
In short, the family would appear to no longer be as wealthy as they once were.
For this reason Bastian rolled up his sleeves and to date his commitment is not limited exclusively to the family business.
According to sources, together with a partner he also runs a company based in Wachtersbach, active in the field of digital marketing and advertising.
Furthermore, in 2015 he entered into a partnership with a friend for the reopening of the Hotel Lorösch in Bad Orb.
How much does Bastian Muller Pettenpohl earn? Having a precise estimate of how much Bastian earns and what his assets are is not possible.
According to the weekly magazine Oggi, the family business would have debts of 1.5 million euros.
In 2021 it made 500 thousand euros of profits and would have little liquidity in cash, only 60 thousand euros.
The updated data on the company's performance are not yet public, but certainly looking at the places he has been with Ilary, his assets allow him to lead a fairly comfortable life.

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