Twitch: what it is, how it works and how to use it

Surely you have heard of Twitch.
In recent years it has become one of the most followed platforms ever, especially for video game enthusiasts, but not only.
If you want to find out what it is, how it works and how to use it, both as a creator and as a user, below you will find everything you need to find out what "streaming on Twitch" means.
From the registration method to the cost of the subscription, we follow you step by step.
What is Twitch and how does it work: the complete guide What is Twitch How does Twitch work The evolution of Twitch How to sign up for Twitch How much does it cost to subscribe to Twitch? How to stream on Twitch How to earn on Twitch How much you earn with Twitch Twitch: what's new in 2024 What is Twitch Twitch is a live video streaming platform owned by Amazon.
The platform has gained popularity as one of the leading streaming services for gamers around the world, but today it offers live and on-demand content of various types: music, sports, travel, food, fashion, talk shows, etc.
On Twitch, streamers broadcast their content or gaming sessions live, interacting with viewers through chat.
Users can not only watch other people play games in real time, but also actively participate in the conversation, share opinions, ask questions and support streamers through subscriptions, donations and community interactions.
But how was this platform born? Twitch was first launched in 2011 as an offshoot of, a live streaming site founded in 2007 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear (CEO of Twitch) as a platform that offered 24/7 live streaming content.
Although it had many sections, the games section was the one with the most growth.
For this reason, 4 years after its birth, separated the section dedicated to games on the site, called
Since then it has become a leading reality in eSports broadcasts but not only.
On August 25, 2014, Twitch was bought by Amazon for $970 million.
How Twitch Works Streamers, those who want to share their content live, use streaming software like OBS Studio or XSplit.
These programs allow streamers to capture their screen or game video source and broadcast it to Twitch.
Once everything is set up, streamers start their broadcast by pressing a button.
Right now, everything that appears on their screen or their camera (depending on the content) is broadcast in real time on Twitch.
When you watch a live stream or broadcast on Twitch, a split-screen display lets you see what the streamer sees on their monitor.
You will also be able to listen to and watch it in a small window.
While viewing a Twitch stream you can comment together with other viewers and interact with questions, suggestions, etc.
Twitch also saves streams: so if you can't watch the live broadcast you can recover it later.
There are various devices from which you can watch Twitch: from PC and Mac on the official website; via app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; on PlayStation 4 and 5 game consoles, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and NVIDIA Shield; on Smart TV via HDMI cable, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku.The evolution of Twitch Twitch has undergone a remarkable process of evolution over the years, implementing new features and expanding its offering to respond to emerging needs and dynamics of its vast community.
Initially, the platform was free and was mainly focused on games.
Over time, it has expanded its offering by introducing new categories to allow streamers to broadcast content outside the world of video games, such as art, music, cooking and much more.
In partnership with Amazon, Twitch launched Twitch Prime, offering premium benefits to Amazon Prime members, including free games, loot, and free monthly subscriptions to Twitch channels.
The platform has broadcast software that makes it easier for novice streamers to create high-quality live content: Twitch Studio.
It also introduced “Stories,” a feature that allows streamers to post short videos and temporary content, as is done on other social media platforms.
read also How to subscribe to Twitch for free How to sign up to Twitch The minimum age required to use Twitch is 13 years and users between the ages of 13 and 18 can only use the platform under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
To watch live broadcasts on Twitch from the Web version there is no need to register on the platform: you can watch everything without an account.
However, if you want the ability to stream or follow and support your favorite streamers and chat during live sessions, you need to sign up.
Here's how to sign up for Twitch: go to the site and click on Sign up; enter the required data (Username, Password, Confirm password, Date of birth and email) and click on the "Sign up" button.
However, if you use Twitch from the app for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, you should know that even just to watch live broadcasts you need an account.
But is Twitch free? The answer is yes.
To access the basic functions of the platform, such as watching all live broadcasts, following streamers, participating in chats and streaming, you do not need to pay a subscription.
The contents are free, but there is advertising.
To avoid this limit you can subscribe.
Below we see how much the Twitch subscription costs and how it works.
read also How to change your name on Twitch How much does it cost to subscribe to Twitch? Those who want to watch Twitch without advertising and have access to other features can subscribe to Twitch Prime, or Prime Gaming.
To have it you must be registered with Amazon Prime, Amazon's subscription service which at a monthly cost of €3.99 or €36 per year with a 30-day free trial allows you to have advantages such as fast deliveries in 1-2 days, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Prime Now, Prime Photos and a catalog of free e-books with Amazon Prime Reading.
SIGN UP FOR AMAZON PRIME AND USE IT FREE FOR 30 DAYS Prime Gaming is also included with Amazon Prime.
This offers numerous benefits for viewers, including a monthly channel subscription.
Alternatively, users who want to can support streamers with subs (monthly channel subscriptions) in exchange for rewards such as custom emoticons, subscriber badges, ad-free videos and other benefits determined by the streamer.
The available subscriptions are: €4.99 per month: this type of subscription offers supporters various benefits, such as personalized emoticons, distinctive badges and access to exclusive channel content; €9.99 per month: offers all the benefits of the basic level, plus additional emoticons and other channel-specific features; €24.99 per month: Includes all the benefits of previous levels, with additional custom emoticons and channel-specific privileges.
Finally, another way to support your favorite streamer is to purchase Bits, virtual Twitch goods that can be purchased with real money via PayPal or Amazon Payments.
When the viewer uses them, bit gem emoticons appear in the chat.
For every bit used in the chat, the streamer receives $0.01.
How to stream on Twitch If you want to start streaming on Twitch you must first create an account.
We have seen above how to do it.
Don't forget to enable two-factor authentication to protect your account.
Then carefully read the Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use of the service.
Customize your channel: from the Web version you can change your profile photo and biography, insert links to your social networks, set a streaming schedule to let viewers know your times.
As for the hardware and software requirements to stream on Twitch without problems, transmitting a live stream of excellent video and audio quality, just read the platform's instructions here.
You need a desktop computer or laptop that can deliver solid performance and quickly encode audio and video.
Furthermore, a piece of advice is to equip yourself with a good microphone and an external webcam in case the webcam integrated into the computer is not of good quality, to which you can add a ring light if you need greater lighting.
When you broadcast from a computer, you have several options for starting a live on Twitch.
The easiest solution is to download Twitch Studio.
Three other popular choices among broadcasters are the third-party tools OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and Xsplit.
read also Is Twitch safe? How to Use Your Kids' Data How to Make Money on Twitch There are various ways creators and streamers can monetize on Twitch.
Indeed, the platform can represent an important source of income.
We think that the most followed streamers, like Ninja just to mention the most famous of all with more than 17 million followers, earn millions of dollars a year with this activity.
Here's how to make money on Twitch.
Subscriptions (sub).
When a user decides to subscribe to the channel, 50% goes to the streamer.
Each Bit is worth 1 cent.
As happens on YouTube, advertisements are also inserted on Twitch during live broadcasts.
It is difficult to estimate how much streamers earn on Twitch through ads because the amount varies depending on the country you are in, the number of viewers, the popularity of the streamer, etc.
You can receive donations on Twitch using cryptocurrencies, your PayPal account or Bits.
Brands pay streamers to promote a game, app or product, or to use their PCs and equipment.
In many cases, companies also pay streamers commissions for each item sold through their stream.
How much do you earn with Twitch There is no fixed amount that streamers can earn.
The figures vary considerably based on the quantity of followers and spectators who attend the live broadcasts.
Here are the estimated figures based on the average number of viewers: 5/10 viewers: from 50 to 200 dollars per month (45-180 euros); 20 spectators: from 200 to 400 dollars per month (180-365 euros); 50 spectators: from 500 to 750 dollars per month (458-687 euros); 100 spectators: from 1,000 to 1,500 dollars per month (92-1,370 euros) 1,000 spectators: 5,000 dollars per month (4,580 euros); 5,000 spectators: 13,000 dollars per month (11,000 euros); 10,000 spectators: 30,000 dollars per month (27,000 euros); 50,000 viewers: from 100,000 to more than 200,000 dollars per month (91,000-183,000 euros.) Twitch: new for 2024 The CEO of Twitch, Dan Clancy, announced that the platform will be subject to significant improvements.
In particular, the interest will focus on: general improvement of transmission; mobile app improvement: “We're building a responsive and engaging feed (so) that when you go to the mobile app, you'll get to live content,” that's what Clancy says about it.
give priority to external collaborations: encouraging collaborations and helping streamers grow on the platform is among Twitch's 2024 goals; improved clip editor: to help streamers create their own content more easily.
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