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Market mover of the week: lots of data coming in and not to be missed

Market mover of the week from 5 to 9 February: a calendar full of data is on the way, with important macroeconomic updates on the main world powers.
Chinese inflation will give clues as to how much prices have really fallen and whether consumer demand is as weak as shown so far.
In Europe, the spotlight will be on composite and services SMEs in the Eurozone, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and on German and Italian industrial production.
Inflation in Germany and retail sales in our country will also be of interest.
SMEs will also be updated in China and the USA.
In detail below, the market movers of the week from 5 to 9 February.
Market mover Monday 5 February 02.45, CNY: Service Sector Purchasing Managers Index China 08.00, EUR: Germany Trade Balance 09.45, EUR: Italy Composite PMI 09.45, EUR: Directors' Index Service Sector Purchasing Managers' Index Italy 09:50, EUR: S&P Global Composite PMI Index France 09:50, EUR: Tertiary Sector Purchasing Managers' Index France 09:55, EUR: Germany Composite PMI Index 09:55, EUR: German Services Purchasing Managers' Index 10:00, EUR: Eurozone Services Composite Index 10:00, EUR: Eurozone Services Purchasing Managers' Index 10:30, GBP: UK Composite PMI 10:30, GBP: Service Purchasing Managers' Index UK 16:00, USD: ISM Non-Manufacturing IndexMarket mover Tuesday 6 February 08:00, EUR: Factory Orders Germany 10:00, EUR: Business Confidence Level Italy 10 :00, EUR: Consumer Confidence Index Italy 11:00, EUR: Retail Sales EurozoneMarket mover Wednesday 7 February 08:00, EUR: Industrial Production Germany 10:00, EUR: Retail Sales Italy 14:30, USD: Trade balance USAMarket mover Thursday 8 February 02.30, CNY: China CPI 10.00, EUR: ECB monthly report 2.30pm, USD: Initial claims for unemployment benefits UsaMarket mover Friday 9 February 08.00, EUR: CPI in Germany 10:00, EUR: Industrial production Italy

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