Elezioni regionali Sardegna 2024

Who is Paolo Truzzu? Biography and earnings of the possible candidate in Sardinia

Who is Paolo Truzzu? This is a very topical question given that the mayor of Cagliari would be in pole position to lead the center-right in the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, but first the League will have to be convinced to dump the current president Christian Solinas.
The issue of regional elections in Sardinia is now a national case; The League and the Sardinian Action Party would like to present Solinas for a second mandate but, according to the polls, he does not seem to have high approval among the Sardinians.
Brothers of Italy, also thanks to the growth recorded in Sardinia in the last political elections, would instead like to focus on its mayor with Truzzu who would have found support from several other centre-right lists.
As a domino effect, the choice of candidate in Sardinia is also affecting the other regional elections scheduled for 2024, with no outgoing centre-right president who at this point seems certain of being re-nominated.
Let's see then the biography, salary and earnings of Paolo Truzzu, the current mayor of Cagliari – where the local elections will be held in June – who could soon become the candidate of at least Fratelli d'Italia in the regional elections in Sardinia.
read also Sardinia regional elections 2024, the guide: date, candidates and polls Paolo Truzzu's biography Name: Paolo Truzzu Date of birth: 25 July 1972 Place: Cagliari Family: married with two daughters Education: degree in Political Sciences Work: Party employee : Brothers of Italy Role: mayor of Cagliari Curiosity: he is a big Cagliari fan Paolo Truzzu: salary and earnings As happened throughout Italy, with the 2022 budget law the salaries of metropolitan mayors and municipalities in the statutory regions have increased ordinary, with Paolo Truzzu also able to benefit from this upward adjustment.
Paolo Truzzi's salary thus went from 5,466 euros gross per month at the beginning of his mandate to 11,250 euros gross: the money was made available by the Region.
As for earnings, according to his 2018 tax return – therefore prior to his election as mayor of Cagliari – Truzzu declared a total income of 79,200 euros.
In the latest tax return available on the Municipality's website, that of 2022 which refers to 2021 as the tax period, the total income declared by the mayor was 65,700 euros.

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