Elezioni regionali Sardegna 2024

Sardinia 2024 elections, live results: counting has begun, who wins between Truzzu and Todde?

Sardinia 2024 regional elections, the live broadcast of the vote: the counting of votes began at 07:00 and now all attention is turned to the official results.
The final turnout was 52.4%, down compared to 2019 as 53.7% of those entitled to vote voted.
In total there are four candidates in the field in the Sardinia 2024 regional elections: Paolo Truzzu for the centre-right, Alessandra Todde for the centre-left and the M5s, Renato Soru for various lists and Lucia Chessa for Rossomori.
Unlike previous years, the exit polls will not be released, while the projections should be released later: consequently we will still have to wait for the results.
To always stay informed with all the latest news regarding the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, below it will be possible to follow a live broadcast with the official results updated as the counting of votes continues.
read also Sardinia 2024 elections, everything you need to know: times, candidates and what you need to vote Sardinia 2024 regional elections: the results These are the official results of the Sardinia 2024 regional elections after the counting of 1 section out of 1884.
The counting of votes will begin at 07:00 on Monday 26 February.
CandidateListsVotes Lucia Chessa Sardegna R-esiste / Renato Soru Progetto Sardegna, Action-Più Europa-UPC, Rifondazione Comunista, Liberu e Vota Sardigna / Alessandra Todde M5s-A Innantis, Pd, Avs, Uniti con Alessandra Todde, Progressisti-La base, Demos , Sinistra Futura, Psi, Orizzonte Comune, Fortza Paris 62.5% Paolo Truzzu Fdi, Lega, Forza Italia, Psd'Az, Reformatori, Udc, Alleanza Sardegna-Pli, Sardinia at the center 20 Venti, DC di Rotondi 37.5 We remember that the electoral law of the regional elections in Sardinia does not provide for a run-off, with the candidate who manages to get even just one vote more than his opponents being elected president.
Sardinia 2024 elections: live broadcast 08.57 Slow counting operations Almost two hours after the start of the counting, there has still been no news of the sections being scrutinized, with the exception of yesterday's one in Sassari relating to a residence for the elderly.
At this rate the winner could only be known in the afternoon.
8.19am Results by 7pm? The counting operations should end at 7pm, but there could be delays as happened in 2019.
The hope, however, is to have the definitive results today.
07.35 In Sassari a section already scrutinized yesterday Although the start of the counting operations was postponed until this morning, yesterday evening the section of the Korian Nicola Residence for the Elderly in Sassari communicated the results of the counting.
07:00 The counting of votes began At 07:00 today, Monday 26 February, the counting of votes for the Sardinia 2024 regional elections began.
00:01 Final turnout at 52.3% The final turnout of the Sardinia 2024 regional elections were 52.4%, down compared to 2019 as 53.7% of those entitled to vote voted.
11.18pm Turnout declining in Cagliari Turnout is falling in Cagliari: only 55.3% of those entitled to vote voted, almost four points less than in 2019: -1.3% instead in the Ogliastra district where the figure is 53%.
10.48pm Turnout decreasing in Oristano Final turnout in Oristano was 55.4% – in 2019 it was 57% -, while in Iglesias 53.9% of voters voted.
10.34pm Turnout data slow The data on turnout in Sardinia arrives in fits and starts: in Sanluri 54.5% of those entitled to vote voted, in Villacidro 45.9%.
10.13pm When will the results be known? With the counting starting tomorrow morning, the first projections of the vote in Sardinia should arrive in the early afternoon, but the hope is that the counting will proceed faster than in 2019 when it took weeks to get the final results.
10.05pm The polls are closed, counting will begin tomorrow morning.
Stop the voting operations with the counting of votes which has just begun in Sardinia: for the official results we will have to wait tomorrow morning, with the counting starting at 7 am.
9.42pm The polls will close at 10pm.
They will end at 10pm the voting operations for the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, with the counting of votes starting immediately afterwards: as per tradition, the official results will be anticipated in some way by the exit polls.
9.28pm There will be no exit polls.
At 10pm, when the polls close for the regional elections in Sardinia, the exit polls will not be released.
9.23pm Turnout growing in Nuoro, Todde's city.
At 7pm turnout of 47.9% in Nuoro – Alessandra Todde's city -, up more than 4% compared to 2019.
8.50pm Votes decreasing in Cagliari Even if the overall data show an increase in turnout compared to previous regional elections in Sardinia, taking into consideration only the capital shows a decline.
In particular, Cagliari today recorded a turnout of 45.78%, compared to 48.16% 5 years ago.
A decline largely offset by the increase in voters voting in other areas.
20:05 Turnout data The growing trend in voter turnout for this year's Sardinian regional elections is reconfirmed.
The second survey recorded a turnout of 44.1% at 7pm compared to 18.4% at 12pm.
The 2019 elections had instead recorded, again in the second survey, a turnout of 43.3%.
All that remains is to wait for the final data.
18:41 The candidates voted this morning All the candidates in Sardinia voted this morning.
The ball was opened by Lucia Chessa, who showed up at the Austis polling station around 9am.
About an hour later Alessandra Todde also voted in Nuoro, before returning to Cagliari.
Shortly after, at around 10.30am Paolo Truzzo also voted, followed by Renato Soru, both in the capital.
6.30pm When the new data on turnout arrives The new data on turnout should arrive shortly, around 7pm, while the definitive communication will only take place when the polls close, around 10pm.
6.04pm Vote denied to former prisoner The Socialism Rights Reform Association has denounced the denial of the right to vote to a citizen, a former prisoner who has fully served his sentence and thus obtained rehabilitation from the Surveillance Court of Sassari.
Although the rehabilitation dates back to 2 years ago, the office in charge did not receive the communication and was therefore unable to give the man the electoral card, which would have allowed him to vote in the regional elections and implement social reinstatement.
5.25pm Turnout increasing Turnout for Sardinia's regional elections is increasing.
The percentage recorded at 12pm, of 18.4%, exceeds the elections of 5 years ago and those of 2014, which recorded 16.57% and 14.5% respectively at the same time.
The first survey in fact saw the vote of 266,052 people, out of a total of 1,447,753 voters.
3.46pm Turnout: the areas In Cagliari city the turnout is 20.5%, a figure similar to 2019 (20.45%).
In Nuoro it is at 25% (+3.7% compared to 2019), in Oristano at 20.3% (+2%), in Sassari at 18.1% (+1.9%).
Curiosity: the lowest turnout was recorded in Sagama, in the Oristano area (7.7%), the highest in Buddusò (29.9%).
Sardinia 2024 regional elections: live broadcast 3.02pm Voter cards late In Cagliari, long queue to request duplicates of voter cards.
Four points are open: the electoral office in Piazza De Gasperi 2 (via Sonnino) the city office 4 (via Castiglione 1) the city office 5 (Via Carta Raspi 2) the municipality of Pirri (via Riva Villasanta 35 ).
2.25pm Turnout data: when they come out After the first turnout data at 12.00pm, the next events with the most awaited percentage of the elections are: at 7.00pm at 10.00pm 12.52pm Turnout data At 12.00pm :00 the first data on turnout has arrived.
In the single regional constituency: voters 1,447,753 voters 206,621 percentage 14.3% 12.27 Salvini: "Sardinia is not an experiment" "Long live the Sardinian people, who are not an experiment to understand if Conte and Schlein can be together", said the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, during the closing of the party's political school.
“This is not what Sardinia needs, but it needs infrastructure,” he continued.
11.41 Voting: Paolo Truzzu Paolo Truzzu, the centre-right candidate, went to the vote in the morning.
His seat is that of the Randaccio Tuveri Don Milani comprehensive institute in Cagliari.
11.04 Counting of ballots The counting of ballots will begin on Monday at 7:00 am and will continue until 7:00 pm.
The results will be known tomorrow evening.
10.23am Candidates for the regional council: the lists of councilors There are 1,400 candidates for the regional council for 60 seats.
The lists (26) present: ten for Alessandra Todde (M5s-A Innantis, Pd, Avs, Uniti con Alessandra Todde, Progressisti-La base, Demos, Sinistra Futura, Psi, Orizzonte Comune and Fortza Paris); nine for Paolo Truzzu with the centre-right (FdI, Lega, Forza Italia, Psd'Az, Riformatori, Udc, Alleanza Sardegna-Pli, Sardegna at the center 20Venti, Rotondi's DC); there are five lists for Renato Soru and his Sardinian Coalition (Project Sardinia, +Europa-Azione con Soru, Rifondazione Comunista, Liberu and Vota Sardigna); a list for Lucia Chessa, with Sardigna R-esiste.
09:07 How to vote On the ballot the voter can cast his vote for the candidate for the presidency of the Region and for any of the constituency lists.
It is possible to cast one or two votes for the councilor candidates on the district lists, indicating the surname or the name and surname of the chosen candidates.
In the case of expressing two preferences, there must be two candidates of different sexes present in the same constituency list.
09:03 Turnout There are 1,447,761 Sardinians called to vote to elect the president of the region.
We look at the turnout.
In 2019 one in two Sardinians went to vote (53.7%).
06.45 Ban on polls Even if some electoral polls regarding voting in Sardinia have been circulating in the last few hours, we remind you that by law their diffusion is prohibited in the last period of the electoral campaign.
06:40 What is needed to vote To vote in the regional elections in Sardinia, the voter must show up at his/her reference polling station with his/her electoral card and a valid identification document.
06.30 Sardinia 2024 regional elections: polls open At 06.30 the polls for the Sardinia 2024 regional elections opened, with voting operations that will continue until 10.00 pm.

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