Elezioni regionali Sardegna 2024

Sardinia elections 2024, everything you need to know: times, candidates and what you need to vote

Sardinia 2024 regional elections, the guide: the countdown has begun with citizens who will be called to the polls on Sunday 25 February to elect the new regional president.
In total there are four candidates in the field in the Sardinia 2024 regional elections: Paolo Truzzu for the centre-right, Alessandra Todde for the centre-left and the M5s, Renato Soru for various lists and Lucia Chessa for Rossomori.
With the polls no longer publishable given the stop imposed by law, the feeling is that the turnout figure will be decisive for the outcome of these regional elections, not to mention the unknowns linked to the split vote.
Let's take a look in detail at the date and times of the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, what is needed to vote, the history of the candidates and who the lists supporting them are.
read also Who wins the Sardinia 2024 regional elections? What the polls say Sardinia 2024 regional elections: date and times The 2024 regional elections will involve a total of five Regions: in addition to Sardinia, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Piedmont and Umbria will also be called to elect a new president.
The polls should open on different dates, with the vote in Piedmont which could be combined with the European elections on 9 June in addition to the first round of the local elections.
In Sardinia in 2019 the regional elections took place on 24 February and, according to the Statute, in 2024 Sardinians will be asked to go to the polls on a date between 25 February and 3 March.
In the end, the Sardinia Region decided that the 2024 regional elections will take place on Sunday 25 February.
Sardinia 2024 regional elections: times There are also some news regarding the times of the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, with the polling stations will remain open from 06:30 until 22:00.
When the polls close at 10pm the counting of votes will begin immediately, with the first results starting to arrive in the middle of the night but much will depend on the speed of the counting.
Sardinia 2024 regional elections: what is needed to vote To vote in the Sardinia 2024 regional elections, the voter must show up at his/her reference polling station with his/her electoral card and a valid identification document.
Anyone who does not have an electoral card or has lost it can request it at the electoral office of their municipality of residence.
For all information on voting methods and electoral law, Money.it has created a specific voting guide which can be consulted via the box below.
read also Sardinia 2024 elections, how do you vote? Sample ballot paper The candidates In total there are four candidates in the Sardinia 2024 regional elections.
Here is who they are and which lists support them.
Lucia Chessa: Sardinia R-exists.
Renato Soru: Sardinia Project, Action-More Europe-UPC, Rifondazione Comunista, Liberu and Vota Sardigna.
Alessandra Todde: M5s-A Innantis, Pd, Avs, Uniti with Alessandra Todde, Progressisti-La base, Demos, Sinistra Futura, Psi, Orizzonte Comune, Fortza Paris.
Paolo Truzzu: Fdi, Lega, Forza Italia, Psd'Az, Reformatori, Udc, Sardinia-Pli Alliance, Sardinia at the center 20 Venti, Rotondi's DC.
Christian Solinas clearly won the regional elections in 2019 with 47%; five years later, however, the current president of Sardinia was no longer able to count on the support of the entire centre-right coalition.
In fact, a large part of the coalition has decided to support the mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu: Fratelli d'Italia, Forza Italia, Reformatori, Sardegna 20Venti, Unione di Centro, Unione dei Sardi, Popolo della Famiglia, Democracy Cristiana di Rotondi, Democracy Cristiana di Cuffaro , Noi con l'Italia and Italian Liberal Party.
The League was also added last to avoid splitting the coalition, with the Sardinian Action Party also joining in the end.
Alessandra Zedda announced her step back by deciding to support Paolo Truzzu's race.
The eurosceptics of La Forza del Popolo had as their candidate Maria Rosaria Randaccio, leader of the Sardinia Zona Franca movement who, however, was excluded due to flaws in the collection of signatures, with the secretary of the Rossomori party Lucia Chessa also in the field.
Within the opposition, a Pd-5 Star Movement alliance was signed.
The candidate will be the five-star member Alessandra Todde who will also be able to count on the support of Demos, Sinistra Futura, Rossoverdi, La base, Orizzonte Comune, A Innantis, socialisti and Fortza Paris.
However, on the centre-left there is also Renato Soru: the former president did not want to take a step back thanks to the support of Azione, Italia Viva, +Europa, Rifondazione Comunista, Progressisti, Liberu, and UPC.

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