Elezioni europee 2024

League, European elections 2024: candidates, lists, and polls for Salvini’s party

The Lega Party Gears Up for the 2024 European Elections

A buzz of excitement surrounds the Lega party as the 2024 European elections approach.
In Italy, the voting will take place on Saturday, 8, and Sunday, 9 June, concurrently with the first round of local and regional elections in Piedmont.

After the historic 34% achievement in the 2019 European elections, Matteo Salvini might have to settle for a result in the double digits this time around.
Despite less optimistic poll predictions, the party seems ready for the challenge.

Matteo Salvini’s Absence and the Rising Star Vannacci

In contrast to 2019 when Salvini was the top candidate in all constituencies, he has announced that he will not run in the upcoming European elections.
Instead, the Lega is focused on filling its candidate lists.
A prominent figure in these lists is the highly discussed General Roberto Vannacci, who will feature in all constituencies.

The latest electoral polls estimate that the Lega could secure 7 out of the 73 seats allocated to Italy in the European Parliament.

The Electoral Law and Candidate Lists

Unlike national elections, European elections in Italy do not involve coalitions.
However, parties and movements can join forces under a single list.
The 73 MEPs will be proportionally distributed among those who exceed the 4% national threshold.

Italy is divided into five constituencies (North-West, North-East, Center, South, and Islands) for the European elections.
Each party must present a list for each constituency, with voters having up to three preferences.
The most voted candidates will be elected.

The Lega’s Candidates and Polls

Matteo Salvini’s decision not to run has shifted the focus to candidates like Roberto Vannacci, who leads the list in the Center constituency.
The Lega is banking on figures like Susanna Ceccardi and Claudio Borghi for a successful campaign.

The Lega’s Official Lists in the European Elections 2024

Below are the official Lega candidates for the 2024 European elections in the five constituencies:

  • North-West: [List of candidates]
  • North-East: [List of candidates]
  • Center: [List of candidates]
  • South: [List of candidates]
  • Islands: [List of candidates]

Polling Numbers for the Lega Party

Recent polls highlight a downward trend for the Lega compared to 2019.
Various surveys indicate percentages around 7-8%, which could potentially translate to the election of 7 MEPs if confirmed by the actual results.

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