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2024 Tari Bonus for Low-Income Households: How to Apply?

Who is Eligible for the 2024 Tari Bonus?

The Tari bonus is an advantage reserved for those with a low Isee, indicating economic hardship.
But who exactly is eligible for this bonus and how can it be requested?

Understanding the Tari Tax

Tari is a local tax that funds the collection and disposal of urban solid waste.
Although there are mandatory national guidelines, it is managed by individual Municipalities.

All property owners or occupants are required to pay the tax, as long as the property is capable of producing waste.
This means that even properties that are unoccupied are subject to the tax, as it is based on the potential to generate waste rather than actual waste production.

Introduction of the 2024 Tari Bonus

The 2024 Tari bonus, which allows for a reduced tax or exemption from payment, was introduced in the 2020 Fiscal Decree.
However, its implementation is at the discretion of individual Municipalities.

As stated on the Arera website, the waste bonus is an economic benefit aimed at reducing waste management costs for households facing economic hardship, similar to what is already in place for electricity, gas, and water services.

Criteria for the Tari Bonus

To qualify for the Tari bonus, households must meet specific income requirements set by individual Municipalities.
These requirements are typically based on the household’s Isee, with lower-income families being eligible for the bonus.

Discretion of Municipalities

Each Municipality has the autonomy to decide whether to grant the Tari bonus to its residents, as there is no national mandate to do so.
The lack of a regulatory framework at the national level leaves the decision in the hands of local authorities.

For example, in Milan, exemptions are granted based on specific criteria unrelated to the social bonus, while Rome exempts only households with Isee levels below €6,500.

Amount of the Tari Bonus

The exact amount of the Tari bonus varies by Municipality, with some offering total exemption within certain Isee limits, while others provide a percentage discount on the due tax amount.
It is important for households with low Isee to consult their Municipality’s official website to determine the specifics of the benefit they are entitled to receive.

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