Elezioni europee 2024

2024 European election polls: who wins in Italy and other EU countries

2024 European election polls: the engines are warming up in view of the vote which will be held between 6 and 9 June, with the polls in Italy opening on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 probably at the same time as the first round of the administrative elections and with the regional ones in Piedmont and Basilicata.
In the 2024 European elections, citizens of the European Union will vote to elect a total of 705 MEPs, with the seats being distributed according to the population of each member state.
Italy will elect 73 MEPs through a purely proportional voting system which provides the possibility of expressing a preferential vote: each voter can indicate up to three candidates from the constituency list voted for.
To better understand the polls, a small premise must be made.
The president of the European Commission – the effective government of the European Union – is elected by an absolute majority by the European Parliament, while the various commissioners indicated must obtain the green light from their respective commissions.
As in our Parliament, there are various groups in the European Chamber: here is what they are and the membership of our local parties.
European People's Party (centre) – Forza Italia, SVP Socialists and Democrats (centre-left) – Pd Renew Europa (liberals) – Action, +Europa, Italia Viva Verdi (environmentalists) – Green Europe Conservatives and Reformists (centre-right) – Fratelli d'Italia Identity and Democracy (right) – European United Left League (left) – Non-Membered Italian Left – 5 Star Movement The current majority in the European Parliament is made up of Popolari, Socialists and Renew, but according to the latest polls for the 2024 European elections after There could be some surprises in the June vote given the advance of the right across the Old Continent.
read also European elections 2024, when will we vote? Date, electoral law and polls European election polls: the situation in Italy In the 2024 European elections, a list – it will not be possible to form coalitions – in order to elect its own deputies to the European Parliament will have to exceed the threshold of 4% at national level.
On February 1st Winpoll carried out a survey for the European elections in Italy, with only five parties able to exceed the 4% threshold.
Previously in October, another survey for the European elections carried out by Europe Elects – assuming Action above the 4% bar – predicted this distribution of seats in Italy.
Brothers of Italy: 25 seats Democratic Party: 19 seats 5 Star Movement: 14 seats League: 9 seats Forza Italia: 4 seats Action: 4 seats SVP: 1 seat Naturally the situation in Italy will be clearer when the lists, the mergers between the various parties and candidates.
European elections 2024: polls in Europe In view of the 2024 European elections, the Europe Elects website has been monitoring the performance of the European groups for some time by averaging the various polls carried out in the individual member states.
At the end of December, this would be the possible composition of the next European Parliament.
According to the polls in view of the 2024 European elections, the Popular-Socialist-Liberal triad would always be a majority in the European Chamber, but further growth of the Conservatives and I&D could "tempt" the EPP to veer towards the right.
In particular, the polls currently show Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National in the lead in France, the far right AfD in Germany with over 20% and the FPÖ first party in Austria, while in Spain and Portugal the right Vox respectively and Chega are on the rise.
If we consider the strength of the center-right in Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece and Sweden, it does not appear impossible to hypothesize a possible shift to the right of the next European Parliament.
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