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Storm Babet arriving in Italy, risk of extreme events (here's where and when)

The Italian autumn is under the threat of storm Babet, an extreme meteorological event which triggered a red weather alert in recent hours in Scotland.
Storms are common in the autumn season, but the extreme weather events that characterized the summer raise fears for the arrival of Storm Babet in Italy.
Storm Babet does not differ from this risk pattern and comes with described as unprecedented rainfall and strong winds.
The most common risk is that of floods, which are expected in Great Britain and which could put people's lives at risk, according to the BBC.
Storm Babet will hit Scotland, particularly the Angus and Aberdeenshire areas, between Thursday and Friday.
But when will it arrive in Italy and where will it strike? read also When cold and snow arrive in Italy What is the Babet Storm? Storm Babet is an atmospheric depression, formed in the western Mediterranean Sea.
The first stop is Great Britain, in particular Scotland, then Portugal and Spain, but according to experts it will soon head towards Italy.
This type of storm can bring heavy rain, violent winds and, in some cases, even hail and tornadoes.
What are the risks associated with the approaching Storm Babet? The storm is arriving, so much so that from tomorrow the FVG Civil Protection has launched a weather alert (yellow), from 6 am to midnight.
The reason is precisely the approach of a marked depression.
The announcement reads: Civil Protection Department (@DPCgov) ORANGE meteorological-hydro alert on Thursday #19 October on sectors of Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna; YELLOW Alert in five regions With rain and thunderstorms arriving in the Centre-North.
Starting from tomorrow, moderate rains are expected in the eastern area, but there are fears that the storm will intensify to the point of causing the inconveniences already seen in other areas.
For example, in southern Portugal there were heavy floods and Faro airport was impassable for an entire morning.
The most common risks as Babet approaches are: floods, caused by heavy rain, can cause rivers and streams to overflow, raising the water level dangerously; landslides and landslides: intense rain increases the risk for hilly and mountainous areas, which are particularly vulnerable to this type of event; the violent winds that Babet brings with it can cause damage to structures and interruptions in electricity supply; hail; whirlwinds.
In Italy the risk of serious damage is quite high, hence the warning.
The reason is simple: the ground is already saturated from past rains and the passage of storm Babet could make the situation worse.
Similar speech for the other areas of Europe affected by the storm, such as Portugal, Spain and France.
read also Car and motorbike insurance coverage: how to avoid nasty surprises Where and when storm Babet is expected: the areas affected Storm Babet could hit Italy over the next week.
However, the weather forecast indicates that starting tomorrow there will be scattered rain on the peninsula.
The areas most at risk are the northern ones, in particular Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy, Triveneto, part of Emilia Romagna, especially western Emilia and especially northern Tuscany.
The South may not escape the storm, although at the moment it is more likely that Italy will be split in two, between heat and cold, good weather (even if only for a short while) and intense rain.

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