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Lotto Superenalotto draws today Tuesday 21 November: live

New week and new appointment with the Lotto and Superenalotto draws.
We start again after hitting 6 in the Superenalotto last Thursday.
The win took place in Rovigo with a simple 3 euro ticket.
This is the sixth big win this year for 2023 which is proving to be very lucky.
This evening the hunt for the jackpot starts again with a prize pool up for grabs that already exceeds 20 million euros, 20,100,000 euros to be precise.
Let's not forget the Lotto either, with Rome the undisputed capital of winnings in the last Saturday draw.
The winnings achieved are really interesting.
Particularly the double win obtained with the exact same bet.
With 40 euros bet on the numbers 13-15-20-40 on the Capitoline wheel, a double set worth 33,750 euros per bet was won.
But the wheel of Rome was also lucky for 5 wins that occurred in the same way.
In Rome, Sala Bolognese (BO), Cavallino (Lecce), Urbino and Nocera Terinese (CZ) all hit the tern 13-26-40 released on the Capitoline wheel.
The winnings varied between 14,000 and 23,750 euros.
Here are this evening's winning numbers, draw number 159, of Lotto and Superenalotto.
Lotto and Superenalotto draws today Tuesday 21 November: live 8.15pm Superenalotto: this evening's winning six Winning numbers: 30-59-61-86-88-90 Wildcard number: 43 Superstar number: 77 8.08pm Lotto draw Lotto: the winning numbers on the wheels of Venice and National Venice: 7-13-54-59-78 National: 65-38- 27-31-11 8.06pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Turin, Palermo and Florence Turin: 88-39-61-11-36 Palermo: 70-34-13-55-15 Florence: 63-16-32-44-5 8.04pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Bari, Cagliari and Genoa Bari: 62-89-49-8-61 Cagliari: 30-81-62-29-68 Genoa: 64-88-51-28-87 20:02 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Naples, Rome and Milan Naples: 46-82-54-66-61 Rome: 2-44-35-6-47 Milan: 30-39-82-63-65 18:30 One hour left until play closes time until 7.30pm to validate Lotto and Superenalotto bets for this evening's draw, number 159 of the year.
5.30pm Superenalotto: late and frequent numbers Here is the late and frequent six: Frequent: 6-55-77-81-85-86 Late: 2-15-32-44-50-72 5.24pm Lotto: late numbers wheel by wheel Lotto: here are the late numbers Bari: 78 – 139 draws; Cagliari: 73 – 92 draws; Florence: 24 – 77 draws; Genoa: 6 – 87 draws; Milan: 86 – 85 draws; Naples: 21 – 96 draws; Palermo: 27 – 111 draws; Rome: 89 – 66 draws; Turin: 53 – 99 draws; Venice: 2 – 147 draws; National: 78 – 77 draws.

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