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Nexi rallying in Piazza Affari over the possibility of a takeover bid. Is it worth buying now?

Nexi rallies in Piazza Affari after the hypotheses circulated yesterday of a takeover bid by the private equity fund CVC Capital Partners.
Despite CVC's denial, the stock achieved a rise of 13.2% on the stock market, which recorded a notable increase of 13.2%, rising to 6.5 euros per share.
However, despite the enthusiasm, it is important to note that the process is still in the preliminary stages and there has been no official contact with Nexi.
So if an offer comes in, it may take some time.
Before buying the stock now you must therefore consider this aspect.
A further element to consider is the current market value of Nexi, which stands at 7.6 billion euros.
In the event of a takeover bid (OPA), Nexi's shareholders would demand a premium that could significantly increase the size of the deal.
However, it should be noted that the current rise in interest rates could further complicate the deal, making the use of debt to finance the acquisition more expensive.
The presence of other major players in Nexi's capital, such as Hellman & Friedman, Advent and Bain, also seeking to maximize their investment returns, could add complexity to the deal.
Furthermore, the significant presence of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in Nexi's capital, together with the government's veto power, represents a solid defense for the company's Italian nature in the payments sector.
In conclusion, although CVC's interest has triggered a rally for Nexi on the stock market, it is difficult to decide whether it is worth buying the stock now.
The evolution of this potential offering and market dynamics will continue to be crucial elements to monitor.
Nexi: operational strategies with UniCredit Turbo Certificates Nexi has reached the critical resistance with momentum at around 6.80, former support represented by the lows of March and June and target of the bullish head and shoulders drawn from the lows of the end of September.
It will therefore be necessary to overcome this obstacle to send concrete signs of recovery capable of reversing the long downward trend that led the stock to test new absolute lows at 5.246 euros at the beginning of October.
The test of the target at 7 euros and 7.328 euros is expected above 6.80, a trend line that has been decreasing since November 2022 and the high side of the gap left open on August 2nd.
Drops below 6.27 would make recent efforts in vain, fueling the bearish trend.
To trade long on Nexi shares it might make sense to use a Unicredit Turbo Open End certificate with ISIN DE000HC9J4E1.
The certificate has TIM as its underlying and has a barrier currently 19.81% away.
To operate Short, however, it may be appropriate to use Unicredit's Turbo Open End Short certificate with ISIN DE000HC4WEQ2, having a barrier 22.25% away and Nexi as the underlying.
We remind you that this barrier corresponds to a real stop loss, intrinsic to the product, upon touching which the position is automatically closed.
Furthermore, Unicredit's Turbo Open End certificates eliminate the problem of the investment time limit without maintaining the presence of the annoying compounding effect.
However, they are complex financial instruments: for trading operations it is important to set a stop loss based on your needs and the right money management rules.
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