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Discount for pensioners in these supermarkets, the complete list

There are many supermarkets that offer a discount, more or less high, to pensioners and in general to people above a certain age threshold (over 60 or over 65 for example).
It is quite common for a citizen who has passed the age of 60 to look for a way to save on groceries.
Many supermarkets have therefore decided to offer special discounts for older people.
In this guide, we'll explore some of the most popular supermarkets offering discounts to over 60s, along with practical advice on how to maximize your savings.
read also Cheapest supermarkets: the 2024 ranking Supermarket discounts for over 60s: Carrefour Carrefour, on the customers' side, has decided to dedicate an entire day to extra discounts for people over 60.
The discount provided by the supermarket is 10%, without a minimum spend for participating Carrefour Hypermarkets and Carrefour Markets.
On its website you can read that the discount is valid in all points of sale, in the Hyper, Market and Express versions, but that in the latter case there is a minimum spend of 10 euros.
Finally, if you decide on the home delivery option, with a minimum spend of 25 euros (every 7 days) you will be able to access free delivery.
Supermarket discounts for over 70s: Conad Conad offers free home delivery of shopping to those over 70 and people with disabilities equal to or greater than 60%.
Beneficiaries can take advantage of the benefit once every seven days, from Monday to Sunday, upon reaching a minimum purchase threshold.
For those over 70, simply fill out the form, entering your personal data and attaching a front copy of your health card.
Supermarket discounts for over 65s: Pam Pam offers a discount for customers at least 65 years of age and free delivery.
The two services can be used on different days.
In fact, every Sunday it is possible to take advantage of a 10% discount on spending, with the only requirement of being the holder of an enabled Card For You.
While on Thursdays another service is added: free delivery.
Attention: the discount cannot be combined with other coupons or ongoing promotions.
Supermarket discounts for over 65s: Unes Even at Unes it is possible to get discounts on shopping if you are over 65 years of age.
In fact, every day you can access a 10% discount just by showing your customer code via the Unes app.
The discount can be combined with other discounts and agreements up to a maximum of 5 euros spent.
However, it is not valid in case of use of employee discounts or for payments made via meal vouchers.
However, there is a list of products that cannot be discounted and they are: books, newspapers and magazines telephone top-ups service fee for home delivery of groceries photo development service laundry service bus tickets sushi masks bars and tobacconists Sushi counter products contributions for the purchase of products exclusive initiatives hi-tech products fax/photocopy service prepaid cards "Giftcard" prepaid cards last minute products read also 10% discount in these supermarkets and on these products (the complete list) Supermarket discounts for over 70s and disabled people: Esselunga For Esselunga customers it is possible to take advantage of the free or subsidized delivery contribution for one shopping per week, carried out online or in store and delivered to your home.
Disabled customers and customers over 70 can use it.
Specifically: customers over 70 years of age discounted delivery contribution of 3.45 euros for online purchases; delivery fee discounted to 3.10 euros for home deliveries from shops.
Disabled customers free delivery contribution in the presence of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60%; To take advantage of the benefit, you must complete the form attaching a copy of the Medical Commission Report for company use (the only suitable document) certifying the percentage of disability without indicating the relevant pathology.
Attention: the benefit is automatically activated based on the personal data provided in the application form for the Fìdaty Card and is valid for one expense every 7 days.
How to save on groceries: some advice valid for everyone From the list of discount options provided by the various supermarkets, it is clear that a common rule is to have a store card.
It is in fact possible to access various discounts, even different from those foreseen for age, by having the enabled card.
For this reason, to save money, a practical tip is to sign up for the loyalty programs of the various supermarket chains.
These allow you to accumulate points, which can be converted into discounts or products.
Other useful tips are: find out about discount days, in addition to those provided for the elderly; use apps and websites to access specific discounts; compare prices; stay updated on local promotions: In conclusion, saving on daily purchases becomes easier when you take advantage of the discounts offered by supermarkets, both for the over 60s and for all other customers.
With a little planning and knowledge of the offers it is therefore possible to enjoy significant savings.

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