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Teacher's card 500 euros for temporary workers, payment in November: here's who is entitled to it

The payment of the 500 euro teacher's card for temporary workers is arriving in November, although it will not be for everyone.
The 500 euro teacher card is therefore recognized to teachers hired on a fixed-term contract.
The trade union Flc Cgil confirmed in a note that the payment of the 500 euro bonus until now intended only for tenured teachers, and which after several battles and sentences has finally also been extended to temporary workers, should take place in the month of November.
Not all temporary teachers who served last year, as anticipated, will receive the teacher's card, but only those who have signed a contract on 31 August.
Law 10 August 2023 n.
assigned the teacher's card to temporary teachers.
103 of conversion of the legislative decree of 13 June 2023, n.
69, containing "Urgent provisions for the implementation of obligations deriving from acts of the European Union and from infringement and pre-infringement procedures pending against the Italian State." The Italian government, in fact, had to respond to a ruling from the European Court of Justice which ruled in favor of school temporary workers.
Let's see who receives the teacher's card with the payment that should take place in November.
500 euro teacher's card for temporary workers: payment in November for contracts as of 31 August.
The payment of the 500 euro bonus or teacher's card also for temporary workers should take place by 30 November for those who have a contract as of 31 August.
It is not clear, however, whether the accreditation applies only to those who have signed a fixed-term contract in the 2022/2023 school year, or also to those who signed it with the reopening of schools in September and for whom it will expire on 31 August 2024.
The law in the Official Journal which recognizes the 500 euro bonus also for temporary workers refers to the year 2023 and the union which announces the payment in November does not clearly specify which school year it refers to.
Since it is necessary for teachers with permanent contracts to register on the ministerial portal dedicated to the teacher's card in order to use it, we imagine that the same should happen for temporary workers who, in order to benefit from the payment in November, should receive operational instructions from the ministry of Education and merit as soon as possible.
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In fact, the trade union writes: The delay with which the administration had to provide for this partial fulfillment is incomprehensible: the decree is from June, definitively approved in August, and in mid-October it is still unapplied.
And he adds that the payment of the 500 euro bonus should arrive in November.
In fact, we read in the note: Following our interest, we have been informed that the system should be online by November and therefore temporary workers with contracts as of 31 August should have the amount credited to their teacher's card.
If this does not happen, we are ready to support temporary colleagues in every location in order to demand what is due: our commitment to equalizing rights between staff hired on a fixed-term contract and those hired on a permanent basis continues.
The union also communicates that the battle continues for the recognition of the teacher's card for all temporary workers, including those with contracts as of 30 June who contribute like other fixed-term and permanent teachers to the correct functioning of the country's school system.
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