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Bonus over 1.049 euros without Isee for all parents: here’s how to get it

Benefits for Parents with Dependent Children

Parents with dependent children can receive a bonus of up to 1,049 euros.
This sum of benefits, in some cases, exceeds the aforementioned amount and is provided to parents who bear the economic burden of raising children.

Challenges of Parenthood

Choosing to become a parent is increasingly challenging due to the worsening economic conditions faced by most Italian families year after year.
The decision to have children can be daunting due to the moral and financial commitment it entails.

Financial Support for Parents

To assist with the numerous expenses involved in raising a child, the legislation offers a range of subsidies, bonuses, and benefits in addition to the single allowance, maternity allowance, and nursery school bonus intended for younger children.

Who is Eligible for the 1,049 Euro Bonus?

The 1,049 euro bonus is aimed at covering the annual expenses incurred for children and is granted yearly during the tax return filing.
Let’s delve into who is entitled to this bonus and how it can be requested.

Parental Bonuses in Italy

Italian legislation provides numerous bonuses for parents from the birth of their children into adulthood.
While some financial support is primarily for when the child enters the family (such as municipal maternity benefits), others aim to help parents of young children return to work after birth (like the nursery school bonus).

Support Beyond Adulthood

Once children reach adulthood, they often remain financially dependent on their parents to continue their studies or seek employment.
While there may not be dedicated support past the age of 21, parents can still benefit from various measures, including deductions for dependent children.

Expenses for Raising Children

Calculating the annual expenses for a child, from birth to financial independence, is challenging.
In addition to basic necessities like food and housing, parents incur costs for education, hobbies, health, transportation, and more.
While the state may not cover leisure expenses, deductions at 19% can provide some financial relief.

Understanding the 1,049 Euro Bonus

A 1,049 euro bonus translates into a tax reduction of an equivalent sum.
For employed individuals and pensioners, this equals a refund that reflects in their salary or pension slip.
The bonus is calculated by summing up the maximum deductions available for each eligible child.

Deductions for Various Expenses

Different categories of expenses, such as nursery school, education, sports, transportation, music lessons, university fees, and accommodation, offer deductions of up to 19%.
By combining these deductions, parents can significantly reduce their tax burden and receive financial support for child-related expenses.

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