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Bonus over 70 postal slips, how to exercise the right to the discount

Italian legislation protects the most vulnerable segments of the population and these certainly include pensioners and the elderly.
There are many benefits recognized upon reaching a certain age, ranging from travel to the payment of reduced taxes and duties.
Bonuses are recognized as early as the age of 60, but in this article we will try to delve into a perhaps little-known bonus which, however, is available to everyone upon reaching the age of 70, without limits on income and ISEE.
Let's see what it is and what to do to benefit from it.
read also Bonus over 60, here are all the benefits and discounts provided Postal slip bonus Those over 70 have a right that is not always known: it involves being able to pay postal slips 1.13 euros instead of the 2.13 euros that are required to the generality of citizens.
Considering that it is older people who go to the post office more often to pay household utilities and other bills because they are less practical than the online services offered by internet banking, it can be understood that over the course of the year the bonus can reach even quite significant.
The elderly, in fact, are those who have most difficultly implemented new technologies and online payments and have remained anchored to old habits, wanting, after paying a bill, the postal slip with the post office stamp as proof of the payment.
Precisely for these people, saving 1 euro on each postal payment slip could be very convenient, especially for those who only receive a minimum pension and have to count on the penny to make ends meet.
How do I get the discount? Unlike other bonuses, the one concerning the discount on the payment of postal slip commissions does not require an application to be submitted.
This is a concession that is automatically recognized directly at the post office counter.
The interested party will only have to declare that they are at least 70 years of age to immediately receive the discount due on each postal payment slip that they pay.
In some cases, however, an identity document may be required as proof of age which entitles you to the discount in question.
The only drawback of the postal slip bonus is that every time you pay for a slip, you will have to remind the operator at the counter that you are entitled to the discount because it is not a bonus that is registered and is legally written somewhere.
The beneficiary who has reached the age of 70, therefore, must always take care to remind the clerk at the counter that he is entitled to the age discount on the commission of postal slips.

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