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2024 driving license bonus, amounts, requirements and application. The guide

Also confirmed for 2024 is the driving license bonus which allows young people aged between 18 and 35 to obtain the qualification to drive heavy vehicles for the transport of goods and people by paying only 20% of the cost.
The remaining 80% of the cost of obtaining the driving licence, in fact, is covered by the contribution introduced by the conversion into law of the 2022 Milleproroghe Legislative Decree.
The reimbursed expenses are those incurred for training, with a maximum threshold of 2,500 euros.
The voucher, therefore, has a maximum value of 2,500 euros and can be used to cover expenses incurred for courses and exams at the driving schools that have joined the program for this year.
It is, therefore, an incentive aimed at helping those who want to make driving heavy transport vehicles their profession.
To request the bonus, it is necessary to register on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and send the application via the «License Bonus» platform.
The application can be submitted until 31 December 2026.
The resources allocated to cover the benefit are equal to 3.7 million euros for 2022 and 5.4 for each year from 2023 to 2026.
However, if the resources for a should the annuity end, it will no longer be possible to pay the bonus.
For 2024, the applications to request the bonus have not yet been activated and therefore we are starting, in the meantime, to see the instructions for requesting it and the rules for obtaining it.
Who is entitled to the 2024 driving license bonus The 2024 driving license bonus is aimed at Italian citizens between 18 and 35 years of age who wish to obtain a license for driving heavy vehicles with a mass greater than 3.5 tonnes when fully loaded.
This concession covers 80% of the expenses incurred to obtain the license (up to a maximum of 2,500 euros), but excludes the costs of obtaining A and B licenses for driving motorcycles and cars, which can instead take advantage of other incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles.
The bonus is also accessible to those who have turned 36, provided that the application is sent before the age of 35.
The validity of the bonus is between 1 July 2022 and 31 December 2026.
You can request the bonus by selecting the "I have obtained my driving licence" option and providing the date of an invoice relating to the payment for obtaining the driving licence/CQC (driver qualification card).
Once you have obtained the voucher, you must request its validation at a driving school that has joined the initiative.
The age limit set by the government aims to encourage young people to take up the profession of driver and transporter of goods and people.
Focusing on the 18-35 age group could help move the job market and combat youth unemployment which in Italy stands at 21.2%.
A fundamental aspect of this benefit is that it does not take into account the tax return and the equivalent economic situation (ISEE).
Furthermore, the amount received does not represent taxable income for those who benefit from it.
List of licenses that allow access to the Bonus As specified in the decree, the measure is aimed at young people who want to obtain a professional driving qualification C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE and D1E or the driver qualification card (Cqc), for driving the vehicles listed in the table.
License Characteristics of vehicles C Vehicles other than those in categories D1 or D, with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3500 kg and designed and built for the transport of no more than 8 passengers, in addition to the driver; motor vehicles in this category may be coupled to a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg C1 motor vehicles other than those of categories D1 or D whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 3500 kg, but not more than 7500 kg, designed and built for the transport of no more than 8 passengers, in addition to the driver; motor vehicles in this category may be coupled to a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg CE.
Vehicle combinations consisting of a tractor unit falling within category C and a trailer or semi-trailer whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 750 kg D Motor vehicles designed and built to transport more than 8 people in addition to the driver; a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg may be coupled to these motor vehicles D1 Motor vehicles designed and built for the transport of no more than 16 people, in addition to the driver, and having a maximum length of 8 metres; a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg may be coupled to motor vehicles in this category from a tractor unit falling into category D and from a trailer whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 750 kg 2024 driving license bonus: how to request it The 2024 driving license bonus consists of a voucher which covers the period from 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2026 to achieve the license and qualification for professional driving.
To request the benefit, you must first register on the Ministry website and submit a specific request via the «Buono Patenti» platform.
Access to the platform occurs using the following credentials: SPID; CIE, Electronic Identity Card; CNS, National Services Charter.
The applicant must then follow a guided procedure, declaring possession of the requirements established by the law: being an Italian or European citizen; be aged between 18 and 35.
In the "where to use the voucher" section on the dedicated website, the driving schools where you can use the voucher are listed.
Driving license bonus 2024: how it works Once you have registered on the dedicated platform, if the procedure is successful, a voucher will be issued, which can be downloaded directly from your reserved area of the web application.
The bonus must then be validated by the driving school.
The license bonus will be available for 60 days from its issue and can be used at accredited driving schools to enroll in courses to obtain one of the licenses provided for by the decree.
Young applicants will also have to respect another deadline in order not to lose the benefit: they will in fact have 18 months from enrolling in the courses to obtain the license and possibly the driver qualification card.
The voucher can have a maximum value of 2,500 euros and allows you to obtain a reimbursement of up to 80% of the total expense incurred.
The bonus is granted only once.
Even if it is not used within the established deadlines, the same person cannot request it again.
Although it is not a click-day, the contribution is issued based on the chronological order in which applications are submitted and until the available funds are exhausted for each year.
The application, obviously, must be submitted in the period in which the time window for submitting requests is foreseen.
The opening in question has not yet been scheduled for 2024 and we are waiting for the possibility to submit the request to be reactivated.
Driving license bonus 2024 what driving schools must do Driving schools and individuals qualified to carry out CQC courses must be accredited on the Ministry's platform, so as to be included in a special list that can be consulted on the portal.
To register you must indicate: VAT number; the ATECO code; the name and places where the activity is carried out; the type of services offered.
For accreditation, the driving schools must then declare that the vouchers will be accepted exclusively for the purposes set out in the decree: in the event of uses of the voucher differing from those provided for in this decree, the driving school will be canceled from the list and sanctioned.

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