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Transport bonus 2024, news and changes in the new measure

The 2024 transport bonus will not exist, replaced by a new, more restrictive measure dedicated to a smaller audience of beneficiaries.
With the exhaustion of the last funds made available for the third quarter of 2023, the transport bonus has come to an end given that the executive has no intention of renewing it for next year.
The transport bonus, until 2023, provided for a single requirement for the applicant: to have a personal income not exceeding 20,000 euros.
Precisely for this reason the measure has been widely used by students of all ages, without their own income.
In fact, what counted was not the ISEE of the family unit or the income of the other cohabitants, but only the income of the applicant.
Let's forget this type of transport bonus, given that it is destined to be completely overturned by 2024.
Let's see what's new.
Transport bonus 2024, news and changes to the new measure Transport bonus 2024, what will it be like? Transport bonus, it had changed also in 2023 How the 2023 transport bonus worked Who could request the transport bonus? How to apply to get the 2024 transport bonus discount The transport bonus must become organic 2024 transport bonus, what will it be like? The only way to get a free public transport season ticket will be to purchase it with the "Dedicated to you" card, a benefit intended only for families with ISEE not exceeding 15,000 euros.
To be entitled to the card, however, no member of the family unit must be in receipt of other benefits such as redundancy payments or unemployment benefits.
It should be noted that, although the "Dedicated to you" card was created with the aim of supporting families in the purchase of basic necessities and food, from next year it will be possible to use it for the purchase of fuel and for season tickets for public transport.
The 2024 transport bonus will, in fact, be limited only to holders of this card.
Transport bonus, it had changed also in 2023.
The new bonus will be completely different from that provided for in previous years and very few will be able to access it.
Created initially to mitigate the impact of high bills on family income, especially with regards to transport costs, already in 2023 there had been heavy changes to the benefit and the first concerned precisely the audience of recipients reduced to those who in 2022 had received an income not exceeding 20,000 euros (while in 2022 it referred to those who, in the previous year, had an income of up to 35,000 euros).
The basic idea, also in 2023, remains that of the discount on the purchase of public transport passes.
The amount of the discount remains 60 euros, as was the one conceived and promoted during the Draghi government.
However, the requirements for being entitled to the bonus have changed: compared to the previous version, the incentive can be requested by a limited group of beneficiaries.
The rules for the 2023 transport bonus are established by the Fuel Legislative Decree, published in the Official Journal on 14 January 2023.
The operational details on how to apply, however, will have to be defined by a joint implementing decree of the Ministries of Labour, Economy and Transport.
How the 2023 transport bonus worked The voucher contains the name of the beneficiary and can be used to purchase a single season ticket.
Furthermore, it is not transferable, does not constitute taxable income and is not relevant for the purpose of calculating the value of the ISEE indicator.
For the measure, 100 million euros have been allocated in 2023, refinanced for the last quarter with a further 35 million euros.
The amount of the voucher reaches a maximum of 60 euros.
The bonus can be used for the purchase, throughout 2023, of season tickets for local, regional and interregional public transport services, including for national rail transport services.
read also Transparency Decree against high fuel prices in the Official Journal: the government's measures Who could request the transport bonus? The voucher is recognized in favor of natural persons who in the year 2022 achieved a total income not exceeding 20 thousand euros.
This is a huge difference compared to the first version of the bonus, which could be requested by taxpayers with incomes of up to 35 thousand euros.
A good part of the previous group of beneficiaries therefore remains excluded.
How to apply for the 2024 transport bonus discount Since it is not a voucher (as happened in 2022 and 2023), there will probably be no need to submit any application.
You will have to limit yourself to paying for the local public transport season ticket using the "Dedicated to you" card.
It is therefore not a separate bonus given that for holders of this purchasing card, using part of the credit available to purchase the subscription will mean having less funds available for basic necessities.
Precisely for this reason there are many who are clamoring for a refinancing of the transport bonus also in 2024.
The transport bonus must become organic.
The need to support families in their movements, both to go to work and to school, must be an objective primary.
And precisely for this reason, many are asking for the refinancing of the transport bonus in its original form.
The deputy group leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, Valentina Ghio, who is also a member of the Transport commission, explains that organic funds must be included so that those who go to school and work and travel by public transport have the possibility of doing so without further burdening a family budget severely tested by inflation and rising prices.
The transport bonus must not be a right for the fastest, for those who click first, but must be guaranteed to all those citizens, students and workers who need to travel by public transport to go to work and school.
This must be done by allocating the necessary funds and extending the measure to families under 35,000 euros of income as was the case until 2022.
At the moment, however, his words remain unheard, given that, officially, the refinancing of the transport bonus is not foreseen .

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