Chiara Ferragni and charity, what do you think? Take the survey

Chiara Ferragni and charity, what do you think? This is the survey that wants to propose to its readers now that the popular influencer has been investigated by the Milan Prosecutor's Office for aggravated fraud – together with Alessandra Balocco – following the affair concerning the now famous Pink Christmas pandoro.
Chiara Ferragni and charity, what do you think? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE After the media fuss, the Prosecutor's Office has now also moved to investigate Chiara Ferragni and Alessandra Balocco, president and managing director of the Piedmontese company of the same name, for aggravated fraud.
At the center are the pandoros produced by Balocco and designed by Ferragni, with the Antitrust which in recent weeks has fined a total of 1 million euros to the companies attributable to the influencer and 420,000 euros to the company.
“The companies made it clear to consumers that by purchasing the Ferragni 'branded' pandoro they would contribute to a donation to the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin – we read in the Authority's press release -.
The donation, of 50,000 euros, had already been made by Balocco alone months earlier.
The companies attributable to Chiara Ferragni have collected over one million euros from the initiative”.
Fedez's wife quickly apologized for the affair, speaking of a "communication error" and announcing a donation of 1 million euros – the same amount collected by the company – to Regina Margherita with the check that has already been delivered to the facility.
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific but only indicative value as it is not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand what the opinion of readers is regarding this affair which has overwhelmed one of the most view of the Italian media landscape.
read also How much Chiara Ferragni earns: net worth and turnover of the entrepreneur Ferragni and charity: the survey “I am calm because I have always acted in good faith and I am sure that this will emerge from the ongoing investigations.
I have full faith in the activity of the judiciary and I immediately made myself available with my lawyers to collaborate and clarify every detail of what happened in the shortest time possible.
I am, however, deeply disturbed by the exploitation that some of the media is carrying out, even by spreading news that is objectively untrue." These were the words with which Chiara Ferragni commented on the investigation for aggravated fraud against her launched by the Milan Prosecutor's Office, but the pandori affair may not be the only charity operation conducted by the influencer with unclear contours.
In fact, there is talk of similar operations also regarding Dolci Preziosi's Easter eggs, a doll produced by Trudi and a collaboration with Oreo.
Following several complaints presented by Codacons, other prosecutors are also said to be at work.
“The Ferragni and charity case seems to be a bottomless pit – attacked Selvaggia Lucarelli on Fatto Quotidiano -.
In fact, over the years, the entrepreneur has overlapped or confused charitable and commercial operations so many times as to make it difficult to pass off what appears to be a proven system as a 'communication error'".
The survey thus arrives at the most difficult moment for Chiara Ferragni: has she deceived consumers, is there a media conspiracy underway against her or was it a mistake in communication? The word now passes to the readers.

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