Why Giorgia Meloni attacked Chiara Ferragni: it's not just the panettone's fault

Why did Giorgia Meloni attack Chiara Ferragni? Even without mentioning her, from the Atreju stage the Prime Minister launched an authentic jab at the popular influencer now in the storm over the panettone and charity affair.
On Friday the news of the Antitrust fine against Chiara Ferragni was released: a fine totaling over one million euros to two of her companies for incorrect practice.
The story is that of the Balocco panettone – the company was instead fined 420,000 euros -, with the Authority writing as follows: "The companies made it clear to consumers that by purchasing the Ferragni 'branded' pandoro they would contribute to a donation to 'Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin.
The donation, of 50,000 euros, had already been made by Balocco alone months earlier.
The companies attributable to Chiara Ferragni have collected over one million euros from the initiativeā€.
On Sunday Giorgia Meloni during her speech at Atreju – the Fratelli d'Italia youth festival – brought up Chiara Ferragni without mentioning her: "Influencers are not those who make tons of money by putting on clothes or bags or promoting dearest panettoni making people believe that charity will be given, but the price of which will only serve to pay millionaires' fees".
At the moment there has been no reply from Chiara Ferragni, with her husband Fedez instead commenting "it's strange that he attacks my wife, it's his priority".
But why did Giorgia Meloni decide to target the entrepreneur? read also How much does Chiara Ferragni earn: net worth and turnover of the entrepreneur Ferragni, panettone and Meloni's attack A few words were enough for Giorgia Meloni – without having to directly bring up Chiara Ferragni – to achieve her goal: to conquer the first pages of newspapers hiding under the carpet all the problems that his government is encountering.
We could have talked about a disappointing budget law that has yet to arrive in the Chamber, or about the crossroads of the ESM or worse yet about yet another trip to Brussels from which she returned with a handful of flies in her hand.
Better then to capture attention by attacking a celebrities like Chiara Ferragni now in great difficulty due to a less than honorable affair like that of the panettone, a way to also attack her husband Fedez who in the past has often been very harsh towards the Meloni government.
In a politics that is increasingly closely linked to the events of the world of entertainment, every occasion would seem to be a good one, not to mention pensions, salaries or industrial production: today it is Chiara Ferragni's panettone and tomorrow it will be the Sanremo Festival or any other trending topic on social media.

Author: Hermes A.I.

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