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Isee under 10 thousand euros, what is due? Bonuses and benefits possible in 2024

Having an ISEE of less than 10 thousand euros opens the door to most of the bonuses and benefits in force in 2024.
On the other hand, this is the threshold below which we can consider that an ISEE is low and that therefore the family is in a condition of economic need such as to require the welfare measures provided by the State.
It must be said, however, with the reform of the support measures which led to the farewell of the Citizenship Income and the entry into force of the Support for training and work (Sfl) and the Inclusion Allowance (Adi) being below the threshold of the 10 thousand euros may not be enough.
As we will see below, in fact, there are measures that require an ISEE lower than the 10 thousand euros indicated, although this remains the reference threshold for most of the benefits in force today.
ISEE under 10 thousand euros Inclusion allowance Support for training and work Single allowance Social bonus Nursery bonus Purchasing card Card Dedicated to you High school and university enrollment fees Bonus for unemployed mothers Psychologist bonus Inclusion allowance To be entitled to the new allowance For inclusion, the ISEE must not exceed 9,360 euros.
The same threshold required for Citizenship Income has been maintained, with the difference that only families in which there is at least one disabled, minor or over-sixty member can access the new measure.
Those who are in a disadvantaged situation and are included in care and assistance programs of the local social and health services are also entitled to it (provided they are certified by the Public Administration).
By applying for the inclusion allowance you are entitled – if the other requirements are met – to a monthly amount calculated on the basis of the income received and the number of members of the household.
This will be credited to a special purchase card, which however cannot be used for some types of goods.
The maximum amount is 500 euros for a single person, while for larger families it can reach up to 1,100 euros per month.
There is also the possibility of obtaining a reimbursement of up to 280 euros per month for the expenses incurred for renting the house in which you live.
However, in the family unit recognized for the purposes of the Inclusion Allowance, employable adult members are not considered, i.e.
those who are aged between 18 and 59 and have no health problems nor care burdens to take into account.
I count.
For these, however, there is the possibility of accessing a second measure which we will tell you about below.
Support for training and work Support for training and work is the tool available to employable people who take part in a training or job orientation path with the support of employment centers or private agencies for operational work in the territory.
For the period in which you take part in these activities, and in any case for a maximum of 12 months, you are entitled to an individual allowance of 350 euros per month.
The amount is fixed: unlike the inclusion allowance, it does not depend on the family income.
However, it is not certain that those with an ISEE lower than 10 thousand euros are in a position to be able to access this measure.
The threshold not to be exceeded, in fact, is 6 thousand euros.
Single allowance The single allowance for dependent children is available to all families, but only those with a low ISEE are entitled to the maximum amount.
In detail, taking into account the revaluation (equal to 5.7%) of the amounts, the ISEE threshold must not be exceeded to be entitled to the maximum amount – equal to approximately 200 euros for minors, 97 euros for adults, plus related increases, should be equal to 17,140 euros.
With an ISEE of less than 10 thousand euros you are therefore sure of getting the most.
read also Single allowance 2024, the new amounts in preview (the tables) Social bonus With an ISEE of less than 9,530 euros you are entitled to the social bonus on bills for gas and water users.
The threshold rises to 20 thousand euros for families with at least 4 dependent children.
For the first quarter of 2024 only, however, the limit for the social bonus on electricity bills is equal to 15 thousand euros, 30 thousand euros for those who have at least 4 dependent children.
After that the limit will be the same as that required for gas and water.
read also Electricity and gas bonus, here are the new official amounts from January 2024 Nursery bonus Also confirmed for 2024, but for the moment it is not yet possible to apply for it, the nursery bonus, i.e.
the reimbursement of expenses incurred for attending nursery schools public and private in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2023.
All families are entitled to it regardless of the ISEE, but when the value of the certificate is less than 25 thousand euros you are entitled to the maximum reimbursement, i.e.
3,000 euros for 11 months (272.72 euros per month).
Furthermore, for children following the first, provided they were born in 2024, the reimbursement increases up to 3,600 euros per year, 327.27 euros for 11 monthly payments.
Purchasing card Families with an ISEE of less than 8,052.75 euros, where there are children under 3 or over 65, are entitled to a purchasing card where 80 euros are credited every two months (40 euros for each month).
Like the RDC card, with which it is compatible, the Shopping Card can only be used in certain commercial establishments, such as supermarkets and pharmacies.
Card Dedicated to You Confirmed in 2024, the Card Dedicated to You is automatically assigned to families with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros on the basis of criteria that take into account the number of members in the family and the presence of minors.
However, it is not payable to those who receive the Inclusion Allowance or other income support measures.
Having an ISEE of less than 10 thousand euros gives you a greater chance of accessing the benefit, as when assigning the available cards – they should be 1 million and 300 thousand – priority will be given to the poorest families.
The amount in 2024 should be around 460 euros, to be spent on the purchase of food and (perhaps) for fuel.
The official announcement will be made soon, through the specific implementing decree published by the Ministry of Agriculture.
read also Card Dedicated to you 2024, new beneficiaries, updated amount and when the money arrives High school and university enrollment fees With a low ISEE you do not pay enrollment fees, neither in high schools (fourth and fifth) nor even in 'University.
In fact, as required by law, the exemption is granted in any case with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros, therefore under 10,000 euros one is well within it.
Bonus for unemployed mothers Where there are pregnant women in the household who do not have compulsory social security coverage (because they are unemployed) they cannot access maternity leave, it is possible with an ISEE of less than 10,000 euros (the limit in 2024 should be equal to 20,221 .12 euros) request the specific maternity bonus from the Municipality, for an amount of approximately 404 euros per month for a maximum of 5 months, therefore for a total of approximately 2,020 euros.
read also Unemployed mothers bonus 2024, new requirements and amounts of the maternity allowance Municipalities Psychologist bonus In 2024 the psychologist bonus is then confirmed, a contribution intended for the payment of psychotherapy sessions with private specialists regularly registered in the register of psychotherapists.
The bonus amount for those with an ISEE of less than 15,000 euros is 1,500 euros with a usage limit of 50 euros per session; for the application, however, you will have to wait for specific instructions.
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