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How to find out if a person works

Finding out if a person works can be useful on various occasions, but the means available change depending on the motivations.
In particular, it is important to distinguish between the legal reasons that allow us to have this information, with broader possibilities, and the absence of rights in this regard.
In the latter case it will be necessary to do without some means and be even more careful not to violate the privacy or rights of others.
To give some examples, finding out if a person works is useful: If the person receives a maintenance allowance (therefore to obtain the reduction or revocation); to evaluate the usefulness of a debt collection action for the creditors of the alleged worker; to deliver documents to the work address; ensure the possibility of meeting financial commitments (usually within the family); various other personal reasons (find out if the subject lied about it, make an assessment before granting him a loan between private individuals and so on).
These are usually the main reasons that push private individuals to seek information on the work activities of others.
The topic is sometimes of interest to the authorities, but for different reasons (such as a control on illegal work or checks on the receipt of unemployment benefits).
However, even from "simple citizens" it is possible to obtain sufficient information, considering that the work activity is public data (unless it is illegal work).
Here's how to proceed while respecting the law.
How to find out if a person works Check social networks Contact a private investigator Find out if the debtor works Find out if the maintenance recipient works Tax police investigations Check social networks Today, social networks often contain the most information private data on people's lives, let alone on their work activities.
It is therefore worth carrying out a search on the subject's profile, checking posts and photos (for example, any uniforms).
This is data that the subject shares voluntarily, so there is no offense in this regard.
Obviously you must behave correctly and in compliance with the law (beware of crimes of impersonation and image theft in the creation of fake profiles, violation of privacy and defamation if the contents are used and disseminated).
Perhaps sifting through the profile of the interested party will not give precise indications on the work activity, but it is often indicative of his standard of living.
Clothing, jewellery, cars, furniture and appliances often appear in the photos and at least allow you to get an idea.
The road is clear if the subject has a Linkedin profile, in this case it is highly probable that all the information relating to present and past work activity is easily verifiable.
Contact a private investigator If checking social networks does not bring the desired results or in any case does not give precise indications, it is possible to contact a private investigator.
It is not necessary to have an interest legally worthy of protection, but you must make sure you contact a professional who operates in compliance with the law, without upsetting the interested party or harming his rights.
Obviously the detective agency asks for a fee, so it is a good idea to get adequately informed and ask for a quote before entrusting the task.
In any case, the investigator's findings must be used in a legal manner, essentially for one's own personal knowledge or as evidence in court.
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After receiving the enforcement order from the judge and having forwarded the writ of injunction to the debtor (necessary steps for seizure) it is possible to submit a request to the court to obtain access to the tax registry.
Thus, all the debtor's income will be viewable.
There is no way to speed up the procedure or avoid starting a civil case to achieve this result, but remember that for debts of less than 10,000 it is possible to turn to the justice of the peace and it is possible to do without a lawyer if the case has a value of less than 1,100 euros (or if the judge authorizes it).
Otherwise, it is possible to try to request legal assistance with free legal aid.
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However, judicial proceedings must be initiated, in which the magistrate will ask for any data necessary to know the employment position of the other party for the redetermination (or revocation) of maintenance.
Some TARs, however, recognize the possibility of directly asking the Revenue Agency to produce the documentation, justifying the request with the needs due to the cause of separation, divorce or revision of the maintenance allowance.
Investigations by the tax police Anyone who requests that knowing whether a person works (and possibly where and how much they earn) is necessary to protect their rights can contact the judge to obtain an income assessment from the tax police.
The verification is complete and detailed, but only possible by demonstrating your right to this and the need to obtain this type of information (for example if tax returns are presumed to be false).
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