Assegno d'inclusione

Inclusion allowance, what can you spend it on? The list of allowed purchases

With the transition from Citizenship Income to Inclusion Allowance – for which there will be the delivery of a new shopping card – the spending methods could also change.
At the moment there is nothing definitive about this: the list of what to buy – and what is prohibited – with the Inclusion Allowance has not been disclosed.
Despite the imminent arrival of the so-called Inclusion Card which will be delivered by Poste Italiane after January 26th, permitted purchases and prohibitions are not yet known.
However, we have some useful information to get an idea of what can be purchased with the Inclusion Allowance as well as what the rules are regarding the possibility of making withdrawals and transfers using the electronic card.
In this regard, while waiting for a specific decree from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to clarify all permitted purchases, here is what we know today regarding how the system works.
'Inclusion allowance and what it definitely cannot be used for.
What to spend the inclusion allowance on As is known, with the citizen's income it was possible to make different types of purchases, except the prohibited ones indicated in the specific list.
For example, the Rdc Card could be used for everything except: games involving cash winnings or other benefits; purchase, rental or leasing of ships or pleasure boats, as well as port services; weapons; pornographic material and adult goods and services; financial and credit services; money transfer services; Insurance services; articles of jewellery; fur articles; purchases at art galleries or similar; purchases in private clubs.
The citizen's income, therefore, could be used to go shopping but also to purchase household appliances, clothes, give gifts of all kinds, even alcohol.
In this regard, it is still too early to say whether the same list will be maintained for the Inclusion Allowance.
For the moment, in fact, article 4, paragraph 8 of decree no.
48/2023 which establishes the measure, simply specifies that in addition to withdrawals and bank transfers – which we will discuss below – the money can also be used "to satisfy the needs foreseen for the purchasing card".
A phrase that could generate confusion as it could seem to refer to the Purchasing Card introduced by Legislative Decree no.
112 of 2008, which instead can only be used for shopping or to purchase medicines.
However, we are talking about a "purchase card" and the fact that it is written with a lowercase letter and that there is no regulatory reference makes us sure that we were simply referring to the instrument itself, i.e.
the electronic card called Carta di inclusion on which the inclusion allowance will be credited.
Until there is a specific decree, therefore, we do not know whether the same model of permitted purchases as Citizenship Income will be used for the Inclusion Allowance or whether new restrictions will be introduced.
What is certain, as specified in the following paragraph, is the prohibition on using the support for games that involve cash winnings.
How much can you withdraw? As regards withdrawals, the rules are the same as for Citizenship Income.
For each individual, in fact, it is possible to withdraw up to a maximum of 100 euros in cash, a limit which is multiplied by the relevant equivalence scale parameter calculated as follows: Therefore, a family made up of two adults, one of whom has care and two minors over the age of 2, and with a scale parameter of 1.6 you can withdraw up to 160 euros per month as an inclusion allowance.
Money which, not being tracked, can be used for any purpose.
The bank transfer Finally, as with the Citizenship Income, the rent can also be paid with the Inclusion Allowance by bank transfer.
One is allowed per month.
We remind you, in fact, that the amount that can be obtained includes the reimbursement of the rent up to 280 euros per month (150 euros in the case of families made up of only over 67s or people with serious disabilities or who are not self-sufficient).

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