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Inclusion allowance status, by when the outcome of the application arrives and how to check

There are days of waiting for those who have applied for an inclusion allowance: the status of the application is about to change and the outcome will soon be revealed.
A little more patience and we will discover how many of the approximately 500 thousand applicants for the Inclusion Allowance – considering only those who applied for it between 18 December 2023 and 7 January 2024 – will actually have access to the contribution which largely recalls the Basic income.
In particular, in the status of the application for the Single Allowance – which can be checked both on the INPS website and on the Siisl platform of the Ministry of Labor – it will be specified whether the request has been accepted or rejected.
The "when" could vary depending on the case, also because unlike decree no.
4 of 2019 which regulates the Citizenship Income, repealed from 1 January 2024, in decree no.
48 of 2023, the deadlines within which the INPS must complete the preliminary investigation phase of the inclusion allowance application are not specified.
There is therefore no limit, although the Institute undertakes to carry out all checks quickly.
Inclusion allowance question, how long does it take for the result to arrive? In article 5 of decree no.
4 of 2019, converted into law no.
26 of 2019, the deadlines within which the preliminary investigation phase of the Citizenship Income application had to be completed were clearly indicated.
In particular, we read here that the information contained in the application had to be communicated to INPS within 10 working days of the request.
In turn, the Institute had 5 days to assess whether it met the access requirements on the basis of the information available in its archives and those of connected administrations.
In any case, recognition by INPS had to take place by the end of the month following the transmission of the application to the Institute.
This precision in timing is missing in the Inclusion Allowance, since in decree no.
48 of 2023, the deadlines within which INPS must respond are not specified.
We simply reiterate that recognition occurs after verification of possession of the requirements and conditions envisaged, always with the possibility of accessing the personal database and those made available by Municipalities, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Merit, Tax registry, Pra (Public automotive register) and other public administrations.
There is therefore no clear answer to the question of when the outcome of the Inclusion Allowance application will arrive, although the intention is for the preliminary investigation phase to last no more than a month.
As specified by the aforementioned decree, moreover, the economic benefit starts from the month following the month in which the digital activation agreement is signed.
The status of the application for the Inclusion Allowance To get an idea of when it might be time to find out the outcome of the application, it is important to know the progress stages of the status, which can be checked: from the INPS website, in the dedicated area to the Inclusion Allowance.
This is usually where the most up-to-date information is found; from the Siisl platform, where however there may be a slight communication delay.
In detail, at the time of sending the application it is marked with the wording "acquired".
At this point the processing phase is started which, once completed, will be announced with a change of status: you will find the item "verified unless further checks".
In fact, we remind you that checks on the possession of the requirements can be carried out both before and after the acceptance of the application.
At this point everything is ready to know the outcome, with the application moving to "accepted" or "rejected" in the case of those who do not meet the requirements.
In this regard, it may take a few days to find out the causes that led to the rejection of the request.
Finally, there is also a status that announces the immediate delivery of the card as well as each monthly payment: "payment accepted".
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