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Inclusion allowance paid to several people in the family, how to do it and how much you are entitled to

Even with the arrival of the Inclusion Allowance, there is the possibility that each member of the nucleus, provided that they are included in the equivalence scale parameter, can have their own purchase card with the amount of support credited to them.
A possibility that follows what has already been done for Citizenship Income following the approval of the decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies published on 20 July 2021, with which the initial procedure was revised where instead only one card per family was assigned for the exclusive use of the applicant.
In this regard, when applying for the Inclusion Allowance, the applicant will be able to indicate the number of cards to be delivered to the individual members of the group.
And this does not mean that the communication cannot be given at a later time, even by a member of the team other than the applicant.
So let's see what changes and above all how much is due if the inclusion allowance were to be divided between several people from the same family unit.
How to divide the inclusion allowance between several members of the same family.
INPS circular no.
provides information on how to divide the inclusion allowance within the same family.
105 of 2023.
According to the provisions of article 5, paragraph 1, of ministerial decree no.
154 of 2023, the inclusion allowance can be paid by dividing the amount due among the adult members of the family unit who exercise parental responsibilities or are considered in the equivalence scale, recognizing each of them the per capita share.
In detail, it is the applicant who can send the request for individualization of the so-called Adi Card as well as any other adult member of the family unit included in the equivalence scale.
Sending is possible: at the same time as the ADI request: in this case the subdivision takes effect immediately, as a certain number of ADI Cards are issued corresponding to the number of people to whom the support must be paid; subsequently, using the "extended Adi-Com" model: in this case, however, the subdivision begins two months after the request, the time necessary to ensure that the new cards are issued to be delivered to the family members concerned.
What is important to underline is that the division is not revocable: once requested, therefore, it is valid for the entire residual period of enjoyment of the benefit (with the possibility of going back upon renewal).
How much is due with the subdivision First of all it must be said that the subdivision is possible only when the total amount paid is equal to at least 200 euros.
In this case, the amount due is obtained by dividing the benefit to supplement the family income by the number of adult beneficiaries present in the family unit.
Therefore, if you receive 600 euros of inclusion allowance in a family unit with two adult members, by requesting the subdivision you will be entitled to 300 euros for each.
However, the portion to be divided does not include the portion due as reimbursement of rental expenses, as only the beneficiary in the name of the relevant contract is entitled to it.
Who can request the subdivision Before concluding, let's clarify who can request the subdivision.
As anticipated, it only applies to those who are included in the equivalence scale, such as: disabled or non-self-sufficient people; over 60; adult member who is burdened with care, i.e.
someone who takes care of a child aged up to 3 years, or at least 3 children or a seriously disabled or non-self-sufficient person.
These can therefore benefit from a card in their name on which – based on the number of adult members of the group – a part of the inclusion allowance due will be paid.
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