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Transport bonus law 104, what are the benefits for disabled people and family members

People with disabilities and their families can now take advantage of many benefits to improve their quality of life and make some tasks easier.
Particular attention is given above all to the issue of transport.
For this reason, several transport companies, employed in both the public and private sectors, have decided to establish some initiatives in favor of disabled people in possession of Law 104 and their companions.
Concessions that provide discounts or preferential rates on travel.
A way to meet the needs of these people whose travel can often represent a problem.
Among the companies in charge of initiatives of this kind we must first mention Trenitalia which offers discounted tickets through the blue card.
Other discounts and agreements can be found on the Disability Card, a card that allows the identification of people with disabilities and access to free or reduced-cost services.
Law 104 transport bonus, Trenitalia blue card: how it works Law 104 holders can request to travel by train at a discounted rate with Trenitalia.
This is thanks to the blue card which is offered free of charge and is valid for 5 years.
The Trenitalia blue card allows you to obtain a single basic ticket at the full price for the train valid for both the holder and the companion.
So basically it offers a saving of 50% on the total cost of the tickets since one person travels for free.
If the train is regional, the single ticket is issued at a regional rate or regional rate with supra-regional application, always valid for 2 people.
If the holder of the blue card is a child between the ages of 0 and 15, the ticket is issued with a 50% discount including free entry for the companion who, however, must be an adult.
In addition to ticket discounts, the blue card holder is also entitled to an assistance service such as a wheelchair, elevators for getting on and off the train and a hand luggage door service.
Trenitalia blue card, how to obtain it The blue card can be used by people with disabilities who are in receipt of accompanying and communication allowances and who are residents in our country.
To be entitled to the benefit, the applicant must demonstrate that he belongs to these categories and therefore must show: copy of the certificate issued by a medical commission of the ASL or copy of the civil disability assessment report; for the blind, a copy of the certification recognizing absolute/total blindness can also be forwarded; for the deaf and dumb, a copy of the certification attesting to deaf-mutism from the ASL or Inail.
Alongside the certificates certifying the disability, the "blue card" form completed by the applicant plus a valid identification document must also be presented.
It is possible to contact the Trenitalia assistance offices or alternatively the ticket offices in the station to request the free concession.
read also Law 104, discounts for disabled people for electric and hybrid cars Other transport discounts In addition to the discounts with Trenitalia, other public transport bodies have also implemented some initiatives for disabled people and their companions.
For example, Italo, although it does not provide discounts or concessions for the disabled, still offers a dedicated assistance and ticketing service as well as obviously assistance on board and on the train and during boarding and alighting operations.
Those traveling by public transport are entitled to a discount percentage of between 51 and 100% on the cost of the ticket.
It is obtained by submitting an application to the municipality or district to which you belong, delivering a document, certificate of residence and copy of the civil disability report.
Those traveling by air are also entitled to assistance both on board and on the ground.
The request must be submitted at least 48 hours before take-off, reporting your needs to the company or travel agency where the ticket was purchased.
If the purchase was made online, the companies have specific sections to forward such requests.
In addition to these benefits at a national level, there are others implemented by public bodies at a local level.
Disability card: what it is and how it works Other benefits can be found on the European Disability Card, or Disability Card.
It is a card that allows the identification of people with disabilities and access to free or reduced-cost services in this area of: transport; culture; free time; useful benefits for the promotion of one's rights on the national territory and in other countries of the European Union.
It is issued to all subjects with medium, severe disabilities and non-self-sufficiency.
The shipment takes place directly to your home by Poste Italiane.
To request, you must send the request online or by contacting one of the trade associations.

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