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Inclusion allowance 2024, by when must the ISEE be renewed?

Anyone who today applies for the Inclusion Allowance can do so with both the 2023 ISEE and the currently valid one (therefore updated to 2024).
Ministerial decree no.
provides for such a possibility.
154 of 2023, which in article 3, paragraph 3, also answers the question of when the ISEE must be renewed to avoid the risk of suspension of payments.
In fact, although in this first initial phase it is possible to receive the inclusion allowance both with the ISEE 2023 and with the ISEE 2024, this will soon no longer be the case and all families will have to obtain the new certification.
In this regard, let's clarify all the ISEE deadlines for the inclusion allowance, valid both for those who still have to apply for it and for those who have already received the first payment.
Until when can you apply with ISEE 2023 As specified by ministerial decree 154/2023, and reiterated by INPS in circular no.
105 published last December, those who apply for an inclusion allowance between January and February do not necessarily have to have requested the new ISEE.
There is plenty of time, in fact, to issue the new certificate and collect the necessary documents, given that for applications submitted up to February 2024, the 2023 ISEE can be taken into account to verify the requirements necessary to access the new measure.
Obviously this only applies where the new certificate for the current year is not yet available.
For families who are regularly in possession of the 2024 ISEE, in fact, the assessment of the requirements takes place on the latter.
Is it worth applying for ISEE 2023 or 2024? It being understood that until February 29th the application can be submitted with both the 2023 and 2024 ISEE, we need to understand what is best to do.
Obviously there is no common answer for everyone, as it depends on the economic situation in the periods taken as reference in the certificates.
For example, if there were no considerable changes between 2021 (the year considered in the ISEE 2023) and 2022 (ISEE 2024), we still recommend applying for an inclusion allowance directly with the new ISEE so as to get rid of the worry.
Obviously it also depends on the timing: we remind you that those who apply today ensure a double payment in February, one for the January month and one for next month.
In this case, therefore, it is best to apply immediately and then request the new ISEE in the next few days.
By when the new ISEE for the inclusion allowance must be requested.
Starting from 1 March 2024, applications for the inclusion allowance will not be accepted without a valid ISEE.
Before applying for support, therefore, you must necessarily present the DSU for ISEE purposes and wait for the certification to be issued.
This deadline also applies to those who already receive the inclusion allowance: where the application was presented with ISEE 2023, there is therefore time until 29 February 2024 to regularize your position.
Otherwise the March month's salary will not be paid and the inclusion allowance will be suspended.
Only upon issuing the new certificate will the payment be released, without prejudice to the fact that INPS will carry out a new assessment of the requirements as well as a recalculation of the amount.
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It is from the ISEE certification that the INPS takes all the information necessary to evaluate whether the Inclusion allowance is due or not, or in any case to calculate the amount.
As anticipated, therefore, it could happen that upon release of the new ISEE there may be a change in the status of the application.
For example, in the worst case scenario, the inclusion allowance could be forfeited where an improvement in income or assets in 2022 may have led to the loss of the requirements for access to the measure.
There is then the risk of a recalculation of the amount: an increase for those who have suffered a worsening of their income situation in 2023, a cut for those who have enjoyed an improvement not such as to lead to the loss of the requirements for access to the measurement.
In any case, it is possible to recover and increase the amount of the inclusion allowance by using the current ISEE (provided the conditions exist).
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