Assegno d'inclusione

Inclusion allowance paid twice in February, all official dates

With the arrival of February, the next payments of the Inclusion Allowance are also approaching, the support measure which from this year replaces the Citizenship Income (together with the Support for training and work).
Last month the inclusion allowance was credited on 26 January, but only to those who sent their application by 7 January 2024: for all the others the reference month is February, with the good news that there is a double payment.
The INPS specifies the calendar with the payment dates of the inclusion allowance with message no.
25 of 2024: this is where you find the indication of when the card will be delivered as well as the related top-ups.
It must be said that January represented a disappointment for many of those who applied for the Inclusion Allowance given that around 1 in 4 families saw their application for access to the benefit rejected: the hope is that this month it can go differently, even because it must be considered that in the meantime the families who applied through caf and patronages have also been added (for which the agreement with INPS has only been active since 9 January, as per INPS message no.
80 of 2024).
The good news is that, exceptionally, the monthly salary relating to January 2024 will also be paid: from now on this will no longer be the case as the inclusion allowance starts from the month following the one in which the application was sent ( and signed the Digital Activation Agreement).
So let's delve deeper into what happens in February for the ADI, as well as what the next payment dates are.
Inclusion allowance paid on 15 February, here's who for As mentioned, exceptionally, families who applied for the inclusion allowance after 7 January, but in any case by 31 January, retain the right to the monthly payment for the same month.
This is an extraordinary event, as as specified by decree no.
48 of 2023, paragraph 2 of article 4, the economic benefit usually starts from the month following the month in which the application is submitted and the Pad is signed.
However, to facilitate the transition from the Citizenship Income to the Inclusion Allowance, the Ministry of Labor has an exemption has been provided, allowing you to apply by 31 January 2024 to be entitled to the current month's salary.
For families who have respected this deadline, the delivery of the Inclusion Card will take place starting from Thursday 15 February (but the intention is to proceed on that same day): the appointment will be announced via SMS, email or notification on the Siisl platform, and it is worth underlining that without a message it is not possible to go to the post office to request the card, even if the application status is marked with positive outcome.
Upon delivery, the Adi Card will already be loaded with the first month's payment of the inclusion allowance, referring precisely to the month of January.
Inclusion allowance paid on 27 February, here's for whom The second month's inclusion allowance will be paid for everyone on Tuesday 27 February 2024.
This applies equally to those who applied for it by 7 January (and therefore received the first top-up on 26 last January) and for those who did so later but in any case by 31 December (with delivery of the card on 15 February).
The same date must be taken into consideration for subsequent payments: the inclusion allowance, like the Rdc, will be paid – holidays permitting – every 27th of the month.
When does the inclusion allowance arrive for those who apply for it in February? For applications submitted between 1 and 29 February 2024, however, the provisions established by the legislation will once again apply.
In fact, the support starts from the month following the month in which the request was made (with signature of the Pad).
Therefore, the first payment takes place from the 15th of the month following the month in which the application was submitted and the Pad signed, simultaneously with the delivery of the Adi Card.
After that, every 27th of the following month, so on April 27th in this case, there will be subsequent top-ups.

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