Who is the referee who spoke to Iene about "serious anomalies in Serie A"

Who is the referee who spoke to Iene about serious anomalies in Serie A? This is the question that is circulating among the many fans of Italian football after the preview made by the popular Italia Uno television broadcast.
In the episode broadcast today Tuesday 23 January, Le Iene will return to dealing with football with a report that appears to be destined to spark discussion as often happened in the past when the program dealt with other football scandals.
In detail, Le Iene have found out that during the episode, exclusively and for the first time in the history of Italian football, a Serie A referee – whose name was not revealed – decided to make some revelations to the microphones by Filippo Roma, denouncing what for him would be serious anomalies in the arbitration system in Italy.
The identity of the referee would therefore be a mystery at the moment, with this deep throat unlikely to come out in the open especially if his declarations were to seriously embarrass our whistleblowers and the world of Serie A.
read also Euro 2024 in numbers: here how much are the European football championships worth for TV, federations and clubs Le Iene, the referees and Serie A Le Iene did not leak further details regarding their service and the identity of their "confidant", limiting themselves to describing him as a referee of Serie A which is presumed to still be active.
Refereeing errors or VAR oversights should not be in the focus of the broadcast, but anomalies relating to the management of our home whistles could be reported.
Some Italian referees have recently been at the center of an investigation regarding expense reimbursements, with match directors and assistants coming under the radar of the Federal Prosecutor's Office for alleged alterations in the figures for taxis, meals and swabs.
For some time, however, there has also been talk of a sort of duel between currents within the top management of Italian referees, especially in view of the choice of the next Can appointee.
To find out more about this mysterious Serie A referee ready to spill the beans on the world of the black jackets, all you have to do is wait for the Iene report to air.

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