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Scrapping quater, all the dates to remember in 2024

Quater scrapping, also known as facilitated settlement of tax bills, has now entered into a sort of "routine".
Having paid the first two instalments, the heaviest ones, on 31 October and 30 November, the deadlines will now be quarterly and for lower amounts.
The first and second installment, in fact, had an amount equal to 10% each of the total debt.
From the third installment the amount increases to 5% of the total debt, and it should also be considered that the deadlines will be on a quarterly basis and this offers the taxpayer the possibility of being able to better organize the payments.
It should be remembered, however, that the fiscal peace expected in 2023, in addition to scrapping, offered various measures to allow taxpayers to resolve debt situations.
The first deadlines have now passed and after the payment of the first two instalments, the fundamental thing is to remember the subsequent ones to avoid the risk of forfeiting the subsidized definition.
Let's see, in the meantime, what are the main measures made available to citizens and businesses and then the calendar of the quater scrapping dates for 2024 and for the following years..
Quater scrapping calendar 2024 The main measures of the fiscal truce The deadlines of the scrapping already passed 30 June 2023 30 September 2023 31 October 2023 30 November 2023 The 2024 calendar of deadlines Calendar of subsequent deadlines for scrapping quater The main measures of the tax truce Even if there are 12 benefits provided by the Budget Law, those that are particularly important are: regularization of formal irregularities; facilitated definition – quater scrapping; facilitated definition of friendly warnings; special forgiveness for tax violations; facilitated membership and facilitated definition of the documents of the assessment procedure; facilitated settlement of pending litigation or tax disputes; facilitated conciliation of tax disputes; facilitated waiver of pending tax judgments.
Scrappage deadlines already passed The measure that will be used most by citizens to settle their debt position with the tax authorities is undoubtedly the facilitated definition of tax bills.
That is, scrapping, which allows you to pay the initial debt you had without, however, the increase in interest, penalties and premiums.
Let's see below all the dates not to forget about the quater scrapping.
30 June 2023 It was the last date for submitting the application to join the facilitated definition – quater scrapping.
In the application you also had to indicate the number of installments you wanted to pay to defer the debt.
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It was also the last date for the submission of the scrapping request for the populations affected by the flood for which an extension of 3 months had been foreseen.
31 October 2023 Deadline for payment of the first or single installment of the subsidized definition – quater scrapping.
In the case of the first instalment, the taxpayer had to pay an amount equal to 10% of the total debt owed.
30 November 2023 Deadline for payment of the second installment of the facilitated definition – quater scrapping.
Please remember that the second installment also has an amount equal to 10% of the total debt owed.
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In fact, between one deadline and another, if a lot of time passes, you risk missing some payments and this would lead to the benefit being forfeited.
In the meantime, let's see the deadlines for 2024: 28 February 2024: payment deadline for the third installment of the facilitated definition – quater scrapping; 31 May 2024: deadline for payment of the fourth installment of the facilitated definition – quater scrapping; 31 July 2024: deadline for payment of the fifth installment of the facilitated definition – quater scrapping; November 30, 2024: sixth installment deadline; Calendar of subsequent deadlines for scrapping quater.
Having reached the end of 2024, many taxpayers will find themselves in the situation of having to pay the installments of the subsidized definition for several more years.
Let's see the dates to mark on the calendar: 28 February 2025: seventh installment deadline; 31 May 2025: eighth installment due; 31 July 2025: ninth installment due; 30 November 2025: tenth installment deadline; 28 February 2026: eleventh installment due; 31 May 2026: twelfth installment deadline; 31 July 2026: thirteenth installment deadline; 30 November 2026: fourteenth installment deadline; -* 28 February 2027: fifteenth installment deadline; 31 May 2027: sixteenth installment deadline; 31 July 2027: seventeenth installment due; November 30, 2027: eighteenth and final (for everyone) installment due.
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