Who is the referee who attacked the VAR system at Iene? The identikit and the suspects

Who is the referee who spoke to Iene about serious anomalies in Serie A? This is the question that is circulating among the many fans of Italian football after the report produced by the popular Italia Uno television programme.
In the episode aired on Tuesday 23 January, Le Iene returned to football with a report that is causing a lot of discussion, especially on social media.
In detail, Le Iene gave voice to a Serie A referee – whose name was not revealed and who was not recognizable in the report – who denounced serious anomalies in the refereeing system in Italy.
“This year there have been many errors by the referees on the pitch and at the VAR which are truly inexplicable, especially for us who are professionals – declared the referee during the report -.
If you have clear images before your eyes and you have the possibility of reviewing the episode with many cameras available, how can you not notice the mistake made by the referee on the pitch?”.
In this way, the use of VAR would be in the sights, where there would not be a homogeneous line so much so that some referees and assistants would be thinking of denouncing the Italian Referees Association.
The Hague's response is harsh: “The Italian referees' association considers the accusations launched last night, anonymously, via a television broadcast, unacceptable.
These are allegations that have no concrete basis.
The technical management of the CAN, as well as of all the other national commissions, is based on precise evaluations relating to refereeing performances".
The identity of the referee would thus be a mystery at the moment, but a sort of identikit of the deep throat would have already been traced inside our local enre jackets.
read also Euro 2024 in numbers: here's how much the European football championships are worth for TV, federations and clubs Who is the referee who spoke to Le Iene Who is the referee interviewed by Le Iene? Since the report of the Italia Uno program was broadcast, various hypotheses have been made in this regard.
The journalist Michele Spiezia, who has always been very well informed about what happens in the upper echelons of Italian football, in an article published on Storiesport traced a sort of identikit of the referee who spoke to Le Iene.
“Who is the referee? Which section are you registered in? – wrote Spiezia – Suspicions seem to have gathered on a couple of referees from the North-West sections, referees who would never have had too much connection with Rocchi and who would be on the doorstep, or even on some referee linked to a member of the Committee National team that seems to be trying to mix everything up just to stay in the saddle.
At any cost.
Yet, if we listen closely to the revelations (not at all unpublished, then what value should we give to those who report in this form?) it is easy to think that the deep throat could be, why not?, some assistant referee.
Certainly, words and accusations appeared as a sort of retaliation, as a response to previous personal and disciplinary issues." Some Italian referees have recently been at the center of an investigation regarding expense reimbursements, with match directors and assistants coming under the radar of the Federal Prosecutor's Office for alleged alterations in the figures for taxis, meals and swabs.
For some time, however, there has also been talk of a sort of duel between currents within the top management of Italian referees, especially in view of the choice of the next Can appointee.

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