Yemen, are we close to World War III? Take the survey

Yemen, are we close to World War III? This is the survey that wants to propose to its readers after the USA and the United Kingdom in recent days attacked several ground targets of the Yemeni Shiite Houthi rebels, provoking a harsh reaction from Iran and Hezbollah who have resumed threatening the West.
Yemen, are we close to World War III? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE The chaos in the Red Sea risks provoking a third world war, with the United States and the United Kingdom having launched a hundred missiles towards the territories controlled by the Yemeni Houthi rebels guilty of having attacked several ships headed towards the Suez Canal, forcing most shipping companies to return to circumnavigating Africa to reach Europe.
The Houthis are iron allies of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, with Tehran's troops and Lebanese militiamen reportedly on maximum alert; on the other front Joe Biden, who ordered the attack in Yemen, does not intend to make any concessions as long as the rebels continue to attack commercial ships in retaliation for Israel's military action in the Gaza strip.
At the same time, several analysts are convinced that Iran has no intention of going to war to defend the Houthis, with Hezbollah also limiting itself to threatening Israel for weeks even if there is no shortage of low-intensity clashes along the border that divides the Lebanon from the Jewish state.
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have scientific value but only indicative as it is not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand if what is happening in Yemen could lead us towards a third world war.
read also What is happening in Yemen explained in a simple way Third world war in Yemen? The survey The survey comes at a time when the Anglo-American attacks in Yemen are adding to the conflict in the Holy Land between Israel and Hamas and the one that has been ongoing for almost two years between Russia and Ukraine.
If we also consider the tension in Taiwan between the US-backed rebel island and China, it is easy to understand the fear of a third world war.
In such a scenario, for many analysts, an escalation in the Middle East capable of also involving the United States and the United Kingdom appears to be inevitable, with NATO instead being very vigilant in keeping a close watch on Russia.
According to Pope Francis, however, a third world war is already underway, only "in pieces", with the pontiff also concerned about the strong instability in several countries on the African continent.
The ongoing conflict in the Red Sea, however, could continue to be limited to the Yemeni Houthi rebels and the US-GB duo, with Iran and Hezbollah fearful of starting a war against Israel and its Western allies: if they had wanted, they would have already done so some time ago.
was able to take the field alongside Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Finally, there is the belief that the great world powers will never want to go to war directly with each other, given that we are talking about countries with a significant nuclear arsenal: the possible consequences of such a conflict could be unimaginable.

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