Yemen, a third world war is inevitable. The results of the survey

Yemen, a third world war is inevitable.
This is the response to the survey launched in the days in which the situation in the Middle East seems to have worsened further, with the attacks by the USA and the United Kingdom on the Houthi rebels and the mutual bombings between Iran and Pakistan, the latter being a power nuclear.
As can be seen from the results of the survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific but only indicative value as it was not carried out on a sample basis, for 32% of respondents a large-scale war would now be inevitable.
If we add to this percentage the 31% of those who believe that a third world war is already underway as declared by Pope Francis, overall we arrive at 63% of readers who believe an escalation in the Middle East is imminent.
At the same time, however, there is 21% convinced that the great world powers will not go to war with each other, while 12% believe that the ongoing conflict in Yemen will remain limited without "infecting" the entire region.
read also Houthis: how strong is the army of the Yemeni rebels who have been at war for some time Yemen: fear of third world war for the survey Yemen could be the Sarajevo gun of the third world war.
This is what emerges from the survey launched by which, in all likelihood, has been affected by the latest events not only in the Red Sea.
The risk of a third world war has objectively existed ever since, almost two years ago, Russia decided to invade Ukraine, with the most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas which has inflamed the Middle East which now it resembles a powder keg ready to explode at any moment.
Russia is at war with Ukraine which is supported in every way by NATO, with Moscow in excellent relations with China, North Korea and above all Iran, an iron ally of Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthis, with the Yemeni rebels now attacked by United States which for months has deployed considerable military power in the area to watch Israel's back.
A tangle of alliances and conflicts that could be the precursor to a third world war, with readers worried about what is happening in Yemen given the decision with which the USA and the UK have decided to intervene against the Houthi rebels who, with the their attacks on ships in the Red Sea are putting global trade in difficulty.

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