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Boiler Bonus 2024: How It Works, Who Is Eligible, and Deadline

Bonus Boiler 2024: How Does the Tax Benefit Work and Who Can Apply?

The 2024 Boiler Bonus is a fiscal incentive that allows for at least a 50% tax deduction for those who replace their old boiler with a new-generation one.
This replacement not only enables deductions for purchase and installation costs but also leads to significant savings on energy consumption.

Why Replace Your Boiler in 2024?

Replacing your boiler in 2024 could be a wise choice as the current incentives will most likely remain in effect until December 31, 2024.
However, there might not be an extension with the same deductions for the following year.
Starting from 2025, only the old 36% deduction for property interventions is expected to remain in force.

It’s important to note that gas boilers have a limited lifespan, and the transition to domestic systems using renewable energy sources is planned by 2040.
By 2025, boilers running exclusively on fossil fuels, including gas, will no longer be eligible for benefits and incentives.

Types of Boiler Bonuses in 2024

There are different types of bonuses available for boiler replacements, such as:

  • Superbonus at 70%
  • Ecobonus at 50%
  • Ecobonus at 65%
  • 50% Renovation Bonus

Tax Deductions for Boiler Replacements

The tax deductions for purchasing a condensing boiler in energy class A or higher are:

  • 50% Ecobonus for replacing winter air conditioning systems with condensing boilers
  • 65% Ecobonus for upgrading existing systems with advanced temperature control or home automation systems
  • 65% Conto Termico bonus for switching to heat pumps or solar systems
  • 70% Superbonus for raising efficiency by at least two classes alongside other eligible works

These deductions can also apply when purchasing state-of-the-art thermostatic valves for radiators.

Requirements for the 65% Boiler Bonus

To qualify for the 65% bonus, installations alongside condensing boilers must include:

  • Advanced temperature control systems
  • Hybrid systems combining heat pumps with condensing boilers
  • Efficient air heating generators

The goal is to encourage greater energy savings with higher fiscal benefits.

Submitting Your Boiler Bonus Declaration to ENEA

It is crucial to communicate all necessary information to ENEA within 90 days of the boiler installation.
Proper documentation, including work details and energy class certification, is essential for tax deductions.

For more detailed instructions on how to claim the 2024 Boiler Bonus, visit the ENEA website.

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