What are NPCs, the explanation of the new (absurd) TikTok trend

A new trend has conquered Tik Tok users in recent months: NPC streaming, i.e.
creators who reproduce the same movements mechanically, always repeating the same phrases and only if users interact with them.
A trend that at first glance may seem somewhat bizarre and which has already generated a second cycle of NPC streaming videos with purely parodistic intent.
In any case, numerous NPC streamers have accumulated thousands of followers.
If at first glance these phrases and movements repeated mechanically, while the creators bounce, seem to arise from a principle of nosense, in reality they recall the great world of gaming.
But what are NPCs and how did this bizarre trend on TikTok arise? Let us try to find an answer to all these doubts.
Below is everything you need to know about it.
TikTok, What are NPCs? The word NPC is an acronym that comes from the world of video games and literally means Non-Playable Character, i.e.
those characters whose actions are not decided by a player.
These characters, in the world of video games, do not carry out actions of their own spontaneous initiative, repeating the same actions and same phrases mechanically and in some cases they only speak if spoken to by the player, in any case these characters have no conscience of their own and limit themselves to perform scheduled actions.
This is where NPC streamers are born, i.e.
creators who behave like NPCs during their live streaming on Tik Tok, moving repetitively and reacting to spectator interactions mechanically, speaking only if users interact by pressing the "follow" button, offering donations and in rare cases.
This trend quickly went viral and, to date, there are thousands of NPC streamers on TikTok.
Some of them have already accumulated thousands of followers.
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To date, this girl has more than one and a half million followers and income of thousands of dollars.
Only recently in the last few weeks, the trend has landed in Italy with the creator Giuliana Florio whose live performances have easily reached more than seven thousand people at the same time.
Despite her large following, the girl has been at the center of numerous controversies and harshly criticized by numerous users who consider her contents empty and meaningless.
In reality, the trend of NPC streaming is popular because many users find it entertaining.
But other creators have increased the fleet of NPC streamers in Italy such as Cara, Lucky John, Francesco Amarando and many others.
To these we must then add the creators who have decided to make their own parody of this trend, in turn winning over thousands of users.
What certainly pleases about this trend is that in some cases viewers can interact with NPC streamers by sending not only gifts but attaching requests or commands, creating a new virtual reality "in the flesh" to escape from reality.
This makes the experience in a certain sense more interactive, in this way the NPC streamers are able to entertain viewers for hours, telling stories, joking and answering their questions.
Like any trend, however, you have to be careful because you can develop an addiction, spending hours streaming checking what the streamer's new moves and actions will be.
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