How to make stories on TikTok. The step by step guide

TikTok has started to offer its users the possibility of publishing stories on the platform, a very important innovation because it allows you to expand the type of content that can be shared with your audience.
Sharing stories is quite simple, however to do it best you need to know the function thoroughly.
So here is a complete guide with everything you need to know about stories on TikTok.
Stories on TikTok: the complete guide What are stories on TikTok How to make stories on TikTok How to edit stories on TikTok How to see who views a story on TikTok How to delete a story on TikTok How to watch other people's stories on TikTok What are stories stories on TikTok First of all, it is necessary to clarify a fundamental concept, namely what stories are.
This function, already present on other very popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, allows you to share content with your community that disappears after 24 hours.
The stories can be created in multiple formats (photos or short videos) and can have a background song or not, it all depends on the tastes of the person making them.
How to make stories on TikTok Stories on TikTok are very simple to make.
There are three ways to get started.
The first way requires you to start from the homepage, scroll up in the "following" section (as if you wanted to refresh the page) and press on the first icon at the top left, the one with your profile picture.
The second method requires you to start from your profile.
In this case it is necessary to press on the “+” present on the central icon with the profile image.
Finally, it is also possible to create a story by pressing on your icon in the "coming soon" section in the main menu.
Regardless of the path you prefer, at this point, if the user has given authorization to the platform to access the gallery, a drop-down menu should open where you can see the photos and videos on your smartphone and select what you want.
you want to share.
Alternatively, by pressing on the camera next to the images it is possible to create new content, be it a photo or a video.
read also How to make money with TikTok How to edit stories on TikTok Once you have selected the content to share in TikTok stories it is time to edit it to make it personalized.
To choose background music, simply press the icon at the top of the screen.
At this point the drop-down menu should appear with all the available songs, divided into three categories: recommended, recent or favorites.
Alternatively, you can press on the magnifying glass and search among all those available on the platform.
Finally, the volume can be adjusted by touching the "volume" icon at the bottom right.
To the right of the screen, there are other icons that allow you to access other useful functions.
The first icon at the top right is the settings icon.
Within this section it is possible to select who can see your stories: "friends", i.e.
followers also followed by the user, "only you", or "everyone", which effectively puts the story in the public domain.
By scrolling, you can also choose whether to give other users the opportunity to comment, specify whether the content was generated with artificial intelligence or whether it contains sponsorships.
Then there is the second icon, which allows you to save the story you have just created, and the third, which allows you to modify the audio and visual component of the story.
In particular, by pressing "edit", the user can add a sound, a text, an effect, etc.
The fourth icon, "templates", allows you to add some effects to the story you are creating.
In particular, presentation templates are added, which make the story appear differently based on what you select.
There are over 10 models available, so the user can have fun choosing.
There are also other icons to use to make your story more personalized.
The most important is undoubtedly "voice" which gives the possibility of dubbing the story with your own voice for its entire duration, regardless of whether it is a photo or a video.
Once you have finished editing, simply press on "Your story" to share it immediately.
How to see who views a story on TikTok Currently it is not possible to know who views another user's stories on TikTok, but it is only possible to know the number of views.
To see it you need to press on the story so that it opens and go to the bottom of the screen where it says "views".
Next to this word it is also possible to find the number of people who watched the story, without knowing their identities.
How to delete a story on TikTok To delete a story shared on TikTok the user must press on the content they have shared.
Once this opens, you need to press on the three dots located under the comments icon, on the right.
At this point another subsection will open from which it is possible to send the content to other users via TikTok or other platforms, save the video, change the settings or, indeed, delete it.
By pressing "delete" and confirming, the content will be deleted.
read also What are NPCs, the explanation of the new (absurd) TikTok trend How to watch other people's stories on TikTok If a user does not want to share stories on TikTok, they can simply watch other people's stories.
But how to do it? There are more ways.
The first and simplest is to go to the section dedicated to searching for users, search for the one you are interested in, go to their profile and press on the profile image or check the feed.
If they shared a story, it will be the first post in the feed.
However, there are also other ways.
For example, starting from the homepage, simply go to the "following" section and refresh the page.
Icons will appear at the top: each icon circled in blue represents a story not yet viewed, while those circled in gray are stories already viewed in the last 24 hours.
Finally, it is also possible to go to the "coming soon" section in the main menu since here too there are the stories published by other users in the last few hours.

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