Cheapest supermarkets: the 2024 ranking

The ranking of the cheapest supermarkets of 2024 sees the triumph of many discounters.
When it comes to convenience, the discount store always remains a safe haven where you can shop without seeing your wallet cry.
But this does not mean that large-scale distribution, national hypermarkets and online supermarkets are any less.
Especially in terms of quality and discounts, which can make the difference in the eyes of the most attentive consumers.
Let's discover, then, the ranking of the most convenient supermarkets: here are all the places where it costs less to shop in 2024! Cheapest supermarkets: the guide for 2024 What is the cheapest supermarket? The absolute ranking of the cheapest supermarkets The ranking of the cheapest supermarkets in terms of quality-price ratio The ranking of the cheapest supermarkets for mixed shopping Branded products: where to do the cheapest shopping? Cheapest supermarkets: the cities where you spend the least What is the cheapest supermarket? The absolute ranking of the cheapest supermarkets Let's immediately answer the question of questions: what is the cheapest supermarket to shop in 2024? In's Mercato is the cheapest supermarket.
The Italian discount store (based in Venice) wins first prize in the special ranking drawn up thanks to the Altroconsumo survey.
An investigation which saw the involvement of 1,203 points of sale in 67 different cities, on 1.67 million prices recorded for 125 product categories.
In short, In's Mercato is the cheapest supermarket based on a very large sample of analyses.
Furthermore, it emerged that a family of four who goes shopping at IN's, buying the most economically advantageous products, can save up to 3,455 euros a year compared to the 8,550 euros they spend on average – according to Istat data.
So, this is where the most convenient shopping is done.
Here is the complete absolute ranking of the most convenient supermarkets created by Altroconsumo: In's Mercato; Aldi; D Plus; Eurospin; Price Quality; Lidl; MD; Penny Market; Esselunga Superstore; Todis; Conad Space; Bennett; Interspar; Long S; Conad Superstore; Hypercoop; Pam; Eurospar; Conad; Famila Superstore; Carrefour; Coop; Tiger; Carrefour Market.
As you can see, but it is not a surprise, the first 8 positions are monopolized by discounters.
The first "branded" supermarket is Esselunga Superstore, which ranks 9th.
From the Altroconsumo investigation, however, an interesting fact emerged.
If it is true that on average, in the 35 chains covered by the investigation, prices increased by 12.6% (2023 data compared to 2022), in the discount stores the increases were higher, often over +15%, compared to increase introduced by hypermarkets (+11%) and supermarkets (+12%).
In any case, discount stores remain the cheapest outlets, despite having failed to contain the increases.
read also How much to spend on weekly (and monthly) shopping The ranking of the cheapest supermarkets in terms of quality-price ratio Although convenience is a decisive parameter for everyday shopping, the cheapest supermarkets do not always represent the highest quality ones.
For many families, aspects such as the origin of the products, price transparency and the choice between multiple brands are fundamental for a convenient but at the same time satisfying shopping cart.
And this is where super and hypermarkets come into play.
This time too, Altroconsumo's ranking of the supermarkets most loved by consumers – or rather, the most satisfying – drawn up in 2024, comes to our aid.
Thanks to the updates, we can draw up a special list of the best supermarkets in terms of quality-price ratio.
In this sense, it must be remembered that a discount store is certainly more advantaged than a hyper or super store as far as the purchase price is concerned; on the other hand, however, it suffers more with regards to components such as shopping comfort, product safety and quality of brands and discounts.
Here, then, is the table including the evaluations of product prices and quality.
For some brands the data is partial, given that different surveys are compared.
CHAIN TYPE CONVENIENCE INDEX QUALITY INDEX In's Mercato Discount 100 72 Aldi Discount 101 76 Eurospin Discount 102 76 D Più Discount 102 72 Prix Quality Discount 102 75 Lidl Discount 103 74 MD Discount 103 74 Penny Market Discount 104 72 Esselunga Superstore Iper and Super 112 ND Todis Discount 113 74 Spazio Conad Iper and Super 114 72 Bennet Iper and Super 117 69 Interspar Iper and Super 117 74 Esselunga Iper and Super 117 79 Conad Superstore Iper and Super 118 72 Ipercoop Iper and Super 118 78 PAM Iper and Super 120 68 Eurospar Hypermarket and Super 120 72 Conad Hypermarket and Super 121 69 Famila Superstore Hypermarket and Super 122 74 Carrefour Hypermarket and Super 123 71 Coop Hypermarket and Super 125 75 Tigre Hypermarket and Super 128 ND Carrefour Market Hypermarket and Super 130 63 It is important, therefore, to make distinctions and read the table correctly: The convenience index is calculated starting from a base of 100 which is attributed to the chain with the lowest prices (i.e.
In's Mercato).
The score of the other chains is calculated based on this first data.
The higher the score, the higher the cost of the shopping cart.
By quality index we mean an average rating, from 1 to 100, resulting from the responses of 9,519 Altroconsumo members as an experiential evaluation of supermarkets and discount stores.
A fact that certifies the quality: the higher the rating, the greater the customer satisfaction during shopping.
For the discount category, making a comparison between quality and convenience, Eurospin, Aldi and In's Mercato are certainly on the podium.
The latter wins, as mentioned, among the cheapest ones, but suffers compared to direct competitors – according to consumers – when it comes to general satisfaction with spending.
The overall rating for Prix Quality is also excellent.
However, the situation is different with regards to Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.
The Esselunga group is certainly a guarantee in terms of low prices and, at the same time, a real point of reference for many consumers.
Among all the supermarkets and hypermarkets, it is the winner for value for money.
It must be said, however, that Ipercoop also records excellent parameters, while Conad Superstore is very strong on convenience, a little less so in terms of satisfaction (again compared to the competition).
read also How to save on groceries? 10 useful tips The ranking of the cheapest supermarkets for mixed shopping Everything changes if you do a "mixed shopping", i.e.
shopping that includes all types of products from the cheapest, branded and private label ones.
In this case it was necessary to divide the ranking in two, as hypermarkets and supermarkets are neither comparable nor comparable with discounters (which basically have fewer brands).
The ranking for the cheapest supermarkets and hypermarkets of 2024 with mixed spending is as follows: Famila Superstore; Conad; Conad Superstore; Hypercoop; Coop; Pam; Eurospar; Conad Space; Tiger; Interspar; Carrefour; Carrefour Market; Bennett; Long S; Esselunga Superstore.
And if Famila Superstore is the cheapest supermarket, for discounters the best is confirmed as In's Mercato.
Below is the brief ranking of the cheapest discounters with mixed spending: In's Mercato; Lidl; Eurospin; D Plus; MD; Aldi; Penny Market; Todis; Price Quality.
Therefore, according to the prices analyzed by Altroconsumo, a family of 4 who does a mixed shopping will be able to save up to 2,699 euros at the cheapest discount store, while they will only save 778 euros at the cheapest supermarket.
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Even those who prefer to buy branded products have the opportunity to save by choosing the cheapest supermarket or hypermarket.
In this case, Altroconsumo had to draw up a national ranking excluding discount stores, as branded products are less widespread in the latter.
Below is the ranking: Esselunga Superstore; Famila Superstore; Hypercoop; Pam; Conad Space; Bennett; Conad Superstore, Esselunga; Interspar; Conad; Eurospar; Carrefour; Coop; Tiger; Carrefour Market.
In the latter case, a family of 4 will be able to save up to 359 euros by shopping at the Esselunga Superstore, the supermarket with the most competitive prices in this sector.
Cheapest supermarkets: the cities where you spend the least By surveying the prices in the 67 cities visited by Altroconsumo, it is possible not only to know which of the 35 chains is the cheapest but also where you save the most…
According to the association's report, contrary to what one might think, in the North-East there are greater opportunities for saving; in the South, however, spending is often lower than the national average.
As can be seen from the study, by choosing the cheapest point of sale in the cities with the least expensive supermarkets, the savings are between 16 and 25%, equal to 1,184-1,931 euros per year.
The winner of the Palme d'Or as the cheapest city with the most sales points is Vicenza, but other centers also have no less interesting advantages.
The following table which indicates the cheapest supermarket for each city could therefore be useful.
City Supermarket Savings on shopping Alessandria GALASSIA, via Casalbagliano €418 Ancona OASI via Giulio Pastore Sassari 30 €1,269 Aosta CARREFOUR, locality Autoporto 22, (Pollein) €881 Arezzo COOP.FI via Vittorio Veneto 167 €447 Ascoli TIGRE via Salaria Km 207,700 ( Monticelli) €339 Asti PAM SUPERSTORE Corso Torino 30 €678 Bari DOK SUPERMARKETS Corso Sidney Sonnino 52 €348 Bergamo IPER via Portico 71 (Orio) €1,378 Bologna ESSELUNGA via Emilia Ponente 72 €1,392 Bolzano HYPERPOLI via Luigi Galvani 3 €567 Brescia ESSELUNGA SUPERSTORE via della Volta 54 €510 Cagliari IPERPAN viale La Plaia 15 €979 Campobasso FAMILA via San Giovanni dei Gelsi 37 €322 Caserta FAMILA via Paolo Borsellino €45 Catania PAGHIPOCO via Enrico Besana 23 €339 Catanzaro CONAD viale Crotone SS 106 €396 Como IPER street Giovi state road, Ang.
via Leopardi 2/A €1,184 Cosenza CONAD via Popilia 128/V €91 Cremona SUPER LIPSTICK I Navigli via delle Fiamme Gialle 16/18 €1,931 Cuneo BIG MARKET via Guido Martino 8 €692 Florence COOP.FI via Petrosa 19 €465 Foggia DOK SUPERMARKETS piazzale Puglia 11 €595 Genoa COOP.
Lungo Bisagno Dalmatia 60d €917 L'Aquila OASI loc.
Bazzano €957 La Spezia IPERCOOP Via Fontevivo 17 €215 Latina CONAD via Isonzo 157 €729 Lecce CONAD SUPERSTORE via Pappacoda Snc €239 Livorno PAM SUPERSTORE piazza Saragat 10/2 €739 Lucca COOP.FI via Giacomo Puccini 1718/B €621 Mantua SUPER LIPSTICK via Bruno Buozzi 2 (Marmirolo) €1,678 Messina MAXISCONTO state road 114 km 5,500 €134 Milan ESSELUNGA via Andrea Solari 29 €1,085 Modena SUPER LIPSTICK via Statale 246, (Spezzano) €1,220 Monza IPER via della Guerrina 98 €1,170 Naples CONAD corso Malta 83 €595 Novara TIGROS via Monte San Gabriele 52 €1,069 Padua IPER LIPSTICK via Caselle1, (San Giorgio delle Pertiche) €1,071 Palermo CONAD SUPERSTORE via Messina Marine 533/B €219 Parma FAMILA via Langhirano €1,137 Pavia IPER via Ing.
Mazza €50,646 Perugia OASI via Palermo snc €652 Pesaro IPERCOOP founders' gallery €1,845 Pescara INTERSPAR via Nazionale 74 €652 Pisa COOP.FI via Ponte a Piglieri 4(Porta a Mare) €607 Pistoia COOP.FI viale Adua corner via Macallè 2/A €431 Pordenone CONAD EASY SHOPPING viale Michelangelo Grigoletti 62 €404 Prato COOP.FI via delle Pleiadi 11/13 €450 Ragusa COOP via Achille Grandi 26 €191 Ravenna EXTRACOOP via Marco Bussato 220 €523 Reggio Calabria CONAD via Sottolume Traversa Scordino 16 161 € Reggio Emilia Super Rossetto via Louis Pasteur 143 1.309 € Rimini Conad Superstore VENETO 43 533 € Rome but supermarkets via Tiburtina 435 1.327 € Rovigo Iper Rossetto Via Scavazza 1769, (Giacciano with Baruchella) 812 € Salerno Decò Maxistore via dei Greci 147 €275 Sassari CONAD SPACE via Gramsci 1 €280 Savona MARKET via Nizza 43 R €181 Taranto DOK SUPERMARKETS ring road of flowers, Via Lama €667 Teramo OASI via Airport €1,203 Turin PAM corso Potenza 60 €846 Trento HYPERPOLIS via Gemma De Gresti 5 341 € Treviso IPERLANDO strada Feltrina 196 €780 Trieste FAMILA SUPERSTORE via Valmaura 4 €701 Varese ESSELUNGA via Caracciolo, ang.
via Campilunghi (Masnago) €933 Venice IPER LIPSTICK via Enrico Mattei 1, (Marcon) €1,011 Verona SUPER LIPSTICK via Monti Lessini 76, (Mattarana) €903 Vicenza IPER LIPSTICK via Pisa (Torri di Quartesolo) €1,099 National ranking of the "most convenient cities" and the list of cheapest discount stores and supermarkets, all you have to do is choose where to go to save money, without giving up value for money.
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