Conad croissants withdrawn for "extraneous material", the lots affected and what to do

Conad has published a circular addressed to customers, informing them of the recall of some products due to the presence of "foreign material adhered to the surface".
In particular, they are interested in croissants from the Conad brand in the classic, chocolate, apricot and custard versions.
It was not specified what material it is, nor the possible risk of this contamination.
Probably, this is a precautionary measure due to compliance with public health and hygiene protocols.
Just check the specific portal of the Ministry of Health to discover that every day different food products are withdrawn from the market (by different shops and brands) for consumer protection.
As regards the specific case of Conad croissants, however, no official recall appears.
It is therefore assumed that it was the company itself, following checks or reports, that identified the anomaly in the products, intervening promptly by informing customers.
So let's see which lots are affected and what to do.
Conad croissants recalled, the affected lots As stated in the Conad press release, the croissants belonging to the following lots have been recalled: Apricot croissants 300g EAN 8003170046160; classic croissants 240g EAN 8003170004153 croissants with chocolate cream 300g EAN 8003170046177; croissants with custard 300g EAN 8003170021433.
All products for Conad by FBF SPA How to check the batch The batch code contains essential information for consumer protection, as it allows all products packaged in the same circumstances to be distinguished, guaranteeing food traceability and allowing quickly correct any inconveniences, just like in this case.
Anyone who has purchased a pack of Conad brand croissants will therefore have to check the code provided on the package, comparing it with those recalled by the company.
In this case, it will be sufficient to check the numbers under the identifying barcode (Ean).
What to do If you notice that the package of croissants has one of the codes listed above, you will need to go to the nearest point of sale to return it.
Customers obviously have the right to replace the product with a similar and safe one, but they can also refuse and request a refund, as stated in the company note.
If in the meantime some croissants have been consumed, but no one has shown any new symptoms of illness, no alarmism.
Controls on food products impose very high safety standards, therefore it is very likely that reference is made to minimal quantities, not capable of having any effects on health except in high doses.
Obviously we don't know what type of foreign material Conad is referring to, it could be a trace of an allergen not specified on the label, a bacterium or any other potentially harmful material.
We therefore invite you to ask customer support for more information, but if there are no problems it would be best not to worry.
The guidelines adopted in Europe are so strict that it is easy to go beyond them without presenting any real risks, which is obviously to the complete benefit of citizens' safety.
At the same time, you are invited to return the package even if it is empty, so as to help the company trace all the products for which the recall has been requested.
It is useless to underline, however, not to eat the croissants if there are still any.
It is best to implement all precautions, when possible, also because Conad has taken steps to warn about it and it would be difficult for it to recognize the damage, if there were any.
If, on the contrary, the products were consumed before the notice (published on January 24) or due to being unable to read it, and there were particular events, we invite you to ask for more information about the "extraneous material" to understand with a doctor the possible causal link (and be able to claim compensation from the company).
As already mentioned, it is a more remote hypothesis than ever, the material could be in minimal quantities, not be there at all or not be harmful to health.
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