On March 29, a new era began for PlayStation

PlayStation is about to change direction, yes creative.
The well-known CEO Jim Ryan has decided to say goodbye to Sony to dedicate himself to something else.
After thirty years in the company and having led it since 2019, an era for PlayStation ended on March 29th.
Among the man's motivations is the tiredness of traveling between Europe and the United States.
In fact, the Englishman lived far from Sony's meeting places.
However, the farewell is rather sad, both for Ryan and for the Playstation team who this winter gave a unique edition of PlayStation 5 to the CEO to thank him for the work done.
It is not easy to say what the direction of Sony PlayStation (SIE) will now be, at the moment the role is covered by a replacement, but it will be the announcement of the new CEO that will dictate the future years of success (or not) of one of the most sold in history.
read also PlayStation: the best 5 video games for Sony PS5 Jim Ryan leaves Sony PlayStation: a not unexpected farewell On March 28, Jim Ryan announced his farewell to Sony Playstation.
He did it in his own way, writing on X that he needed more time to play the new PlayStation VR (virtual reality gaming platform) titles.
He writes: It's true, I will retire from my position as CEO of SIE next Spring.
My #PSVR2 backlog is growing incredibly fast so I decided I need more spare time to play.
Thank you all for supporting me and PlayStation.
You can read more on this topic here.
He added a link that refers to the choice made in September, which states that he has decided to retire in March 2024 after almost thirty years at PlayStation.
Starting from April 1st, Hiroki Totoki, the president of Sony Group Corporation, will temporarily take on his role.
Jim Ryan's official comment: After 30 years, I have decided to retire from SIE in March 2024.
I have appreciated the opportunity to do the work I love in a very special company, working with great people and incredible partners.
But I find it increasingly difficult to balance life in Europe and work in North America.
[…] PlayStation will always be part of my life and I feel more optimistic than ever about the future of SIE.
I want to thank Yoshida-san for putting so much trust in me and for being an incredibly sensitive and supportive leader.
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A difficult period, but one that hasn't stopped PlayStation 5.
For Sony, the latest console is on track to become the most successful product so far.
Regarding the future of Sony, Yoshida reported: We discussed intensely and defined the new management structure.
Our goal is to achieve the further evolution and growth of the Sony Group by bringing even greater success to the gaming and network services business.
PlayStation 5 is a successful product.
Sales expectations, which started lower due to the microchip crisis, were largely exceeded.
It is difficult to achieve record successes like that of PlayStation 2 (160 million units sold), but they are nevertheless a point of reference and an objective for the future.
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